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Throne and Liberty: Class/Weapon System Guide

How does one define their role in Solisium?




Throne and Liberty doesn’t let you pick a class in a traditional sense, with weapons instead being what primarily defines your character.

You don’t get to pick to be a Warrior, or Rogue, or Mage. None of that! Instead, pick certain combinations of weapons that fit your playstyle to make your own class.

In this guide, we look at how the class and weapon systems work and what role each weapon fits into.

How the Class/Weapon System Works in Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty: Class/Weapon System Guide - Gameplay Screenshot

Throne and Liberty has a fairly unique class system for an MMORPG. Which is to say, it basically doesn’t have one! Instead, your weapons are the sole definer of your abilities and role in battles.

In short, picking your weapon doubles as picking your class. So, these are all of the available weapons in the game and what role they serve:

  • Greatsword – A heavy-hitting melee DPS weapon, focused on wide AoE attacks. Perfect for crowd control, akin to a traditional Warrior class.
  • Staff – A magical DPS weapon with decent options for every range. Picking this will see you playing somewhat like a traditional Mage archetype.
  • Daggers – The tools of the trade for anyone wanting to play as a Rogue or Assassin type of character. Extremely fast and nimble DPS weapons.
  • Sword and Shield – The go-to for those of you who want to play the role of a tank. Has the best defensive capabilities currently in the game, allowing them to keep their allies safe.
Throne and Liberty: Class/Weapon System Guide - Gameplay Screenshot
  • Longbow – A slow but hard-hitting ranged weapon. Excels at sniping foes from a distance, dealing damage without having to get too close for comfort.
  • Crossbow – The Longbow’s opposite, being an extremely nimble and fast DPS weapon. Perfect for you if you want to zoom around all over the place while pelting your foes with bolts.
  • Wand and Tome – A weapon type primarily focused on healing and buffing yourself and your allies. Fits the traditional role of a Healer and Buffer.
Throne and Liberty: Class/Weapon System Guide - Gameplay Screenshot

You’ll also get to pick any of these weapons as a secondary weapon. Of course, there are some particular synergies between weapons that work best.

Ultimately, you will define your class in Throne and Liberty based on which weapons you select as main and secondary. Pick your favorites and tailor your character to your playstyle!

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