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Best Secondary Weapons in Throne and Liberty

Pair up the right weapons to truly excel in your role.




Throne and Liberty has a unique “class” system in which picking the best secondary weapons for your main weapon will be key.

Choosing the right pairs of weapons will be key to making the most of your own playstyle and favored role in combat, so choose carefully!

Thankfully, you have this short guide to help you pick the best secondary weapons possible for every role.

Best Secondary Weapons for Each Role

Best Secondary Weapons in Throne and Liberty - Gameplay Screenshot

Due to how Throne and Liberty’s unique class/weapon system works, and the lack of traditional classes, the best secondary weapons will depend on your main weapon.

So, with that said, let’s go over each main weapon category and what are the best secondary weapons for them:

  • Greatsword – The Greatsword is a very versatile melee DPS weapon.
    • Pairs really well with sword and shield to allow you to switch to tanking or the Longbow or Crossbow for ranged DPS.
  • Staff – A magical weapon, primarily for ranged DPS.
    • Your best bet is probably to pair it with Wand and Tome, which will allow you to provide support.
  • Daggers – Nimble melee DPS weapon, focused on single targets.
    • Pair with a Greatsword to get AoE DPS options, or with a Longbow or Crossbow for ranged attacks.
  • Sword and Shield – The de-facto tanking weapon.
    • Pairs best with a Greatsword for extra damage options. Also with Wand and Tome to make you the best support unit possible!
A character holding a longbow
  • Longbow – A ranged weapon focused on taking out enemies with strong singular shots.
    • Crossbow and Staff are best for staying as ranged DPS. Daggers are also good at allowing you to get into melee.
  • Crossbow – A very agile ranged weapon.
    • You can pair it with Longbow to get access to stronger but slower attacks, or Daggers to allow you to deal high DPS in melee range.
  • Wand and Tome – The only full support weapon in the game, it allows you to buff and heal.
    • Pairs best with Staff for ranged magical attacks, or with Sword and Shield to go all in into support by allowing you to tank.
Throne and Liberty gameplay screenshot

So, there you have it, the best secondary weapons for every weapon category. Pick the ones that best fit your role and class, and take on the dangers that lurk in Solisium!

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