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Throne and Liberty: How to Craft Guild Weapons

Why won’t the crafting recipes show up!?




Throne and Liberty allow you to get recipes to craft weapons from your guild, but crafting them works a bit differently than other weapons.

In fact, you might notice that regular crafters won’t take the recipes from Guild Weapons at all! What are you even supposed to do?

Well, that’s what we aim to answer with our short guide, so read on to learn how to craft all the guild weapons you want!

How to Craft Guild Weapons

Buying Guild Lithographs

To start crafting Guild Weapons, you will first need to get Lithographs from any Guild Merchant. More Lithographs will become available as your guild levels up, and they cost Guild Coins.

Your guild will level up as you and other players complete Guild Contracts, which will also give everyone Guild Coins.

The trick with these Lithographs, though, is that you won’t be able to craft them from any regular crafter. Instead, you will need to find a Special Equipment Crafter.

Sadly, the Special Equipment Crafter doesn’t stay put in any one place. The fella actually loves to travel, so he wanders about Solisium.

Thankfully, though, he does follow a set route. He travels between Stonegard’s Sanctuary Oasis and The Raging Wilds.

Special Equipment Crafter route

Despite his travels, he’s most commonly found north of the Stonegard’s Sanctuary Oasis, in the area encircled in the map above.

Special Equipment Crafter location

That said, it might take you a while to actually find him. Stick to the roads in the area, and try to not stray too far from the area. You’ll know you found the crafter once you see a portly fellow traversing the sands.

Once you’ve found him, just approach him and interact with him. He’ll allow you to craft any of the Guild Weapons you have Lithographs for, provided you’ve got the materials required.

Interacting with the wandering Special Equipment Crafter

But, there you have it, that’s all there is to know about how to craft Guild Weapons in Throne and Liberty.

Very simple process, for the most part, even if we do wish the Special Equipment Crafter would stay put in a single place…

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