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Throne and Liberty: Solo Leveling Guide

Level up without relying on a party!




MMORPGs like Throne and Liberty might be primarily aimed toward multiplayer, but some players just love to go solo and start leveling up before joining any parties.

That said, leveling without other players’ help is usually quite daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

In this guide for Throne and Liberty, we’ll help you out as we go over the best ways to get experience and level up quickly as a solo player.

Solo Leveling Guide

Throne and Liberty quests are the best for solo leveling

The best way to level up as a solo player in Throne and Liberty is to simply do quests. Completing them will give you more than enough experience for you to level up, so don’t ignore them.

Of course, though, not all quests are made equal. Some of them simply give way more experience than others!

Quest order you should follow:

  1. Resistance Contracts (Yellow Quests) – These contracts are basically daily quests, and you can only do a few of them daily. Make sure to check them daily, as they’re the biggest constant source of experience!
  2. Adventure Codex (Purple Quests) – These are the main storyline quests for the game, and the ones that will get you the most experience by far.
  3. Exploration Codex (Blue Quests) – Secondary quests, usually just requiring you to turn in items to certain NPCs. They unlock as you progress through the game, and give a lot of experience.
  4. Guild Contracts (Green Quests) – These open up once you join any Guild. They grant less experience than the others, but they contribute to your overall Guild. This has benefits besides leveling, such as unlocking Guild Weapons, for example.
Secret Dungeon option

Additionally, you can also enter the solo Secret Dungeon, Taedal’s Tower. You can find it in the Secret Dungeons menu once you progress enough in the main story quests.

Taedal's Tower

However, it’s meant to be quite a challenge, and it doesn’t give you as much experience as quests do. That said, it can be a nice change of pace if you’re bored of just doing quests!

But, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about leveling as a solo player in Throne and Liberty. Ultimately, focus on completing as many quests as possible and you’ll level up at a steady pace!

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