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Throne and Liberty: Ultimate Gear Guide | Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow

Ah, loot, the most important thing of all.




Gear is possibly the most important aspect of Throne and Liberty, so our ultimate guide about gear is certain to help you out in this game.

Considering that even your class is defined purely based on what gear you equip, we think it’s fair to say that gear is the main thing you want to focus on.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about gear in this game, such as how its rarities work, how to level it up, and more!

Gear Guide For Beginners in Throne and Liberty

How to Get Gear and What the Color Rarities Mean (Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow)

Throne and Liberty: Ultimate Gear Guide - Basics

Getting gear is, by far, the easiest thing about gear. It will drop constantly from mobs, and you’ll get it often as a reward for completing Contracts and other things.

You can also buy gear from the Marketplace using Lucent, buy it from item vendors, or even craft it yourself if you have the right Lithographs and materials.

Basically, just playing the game will get you more gear than you can handle!

Crafting is one of the many ways to get gear

All the gear you find in Throne and Liberty will be categorized into one of 5 color-coded varieties, based on their rarity.

These are the rarities, from most common to rarest:

  • Common (White)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Yellow)
Throne and Liberty gameplay

The higher the rarity, the stronger the item, as you might expect. Conversely, though, it also means they’re much harder to acquire!

In fact, right now there’s almost no Legendary equipment in the game, despite the game mentioning them. They’re expected to be more fleshed out in the future, though.

For now, you’re best off focusing on either Rare or Epic gear. Most players can do well in the endgame content by just focusing on upgrading their Rare equipment!

Know Every Gear Type and Their Stats

Throne and Liberty: Ultimate Gear Guide - Gear Categories

There are three main categories of gear, all of which will work in tandem to help your character. They are as follows:

  • Armor – This category is primarily concerned with your defenses. You can equip one of each type: Headgear, Top, Legs, Gloves, Boots, and a Cloak.
  • Accessories – These pieces of gear mostly give you extra effects, helping out both your offense and defense. You can equip the following here: one Necklace, one Bracelet, two Rings, and one Belt.
  • Weapons – Last, but definitely not least, are your weapons. You can equip two, and the combination of weapons you choose will define your playstyle!
Example of an item stat sheet

Every piece of equipment has different stats, so make sure to check their item sheets by hovering over them in the inventory.

It’s most important to pay attention to the Traits, as they provide huge passive buffs that you can modify via Gear Enchantment!

Level Up Your Equipment!

Throne and Liberty: Ultimate Gear Guide - Enchanting Level Up

Speaking of Gear Enchantment, you can use it to upgrade your gear, making it even stronger. The rarer the gear is, the more potential it has for upgrading!

To start, just press the “.” (Period) key to bring up the Gear Enchantment interface. It will be in the Level tab by default, which is exactly where you need to be.

Once here, just select the piece of equipment you want to upgrade to see how its stats will be affected and what you require.

Leveling up a piece of headgear

For the most part, you will simply require Growthstones of the same rarity and type as your equipment. For example, a Rare Greatsword will require Rare Weapon Growthstones.

The higher your gear’s level is, the more Growthstones you’ll need!

You can get Growthstones by simply playing the game, as they can drop randomly from enemies and be given to you as rewards for Contracts and Events.

Contract Coin Merchant sells Growthstones

However, you can also just buy them from the Contract Coin Merchants in the various cities across the game’s world. Stock is limited per day, though, so keep that in mind.

The Contract Coin Merchants will also only take Contract Coins as payment, just like their name implies. Just keep completing any Contracts you get and you’ll have enough for the Growthstones, though!

We highly recommend joining a Guild, by the way, since you’ll get more Contracts that way.

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