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Throne and Liberty: How to Unlock, Use and Extract Traits

Demystifying the most important aspect of your equipment!




Traits are one of the most important things your equipment can have in Throne and Liberty, so it’s important to know how to unlock, use, and extract them.

Managing Traits is vital to make the most of your build, but they can be hard to grasp with so many mechanics attached to them…

In this guide, we’ll tell you every single thing you can do with Traits so that you can make your gear the best it can be.

Throne and Liberty – Everything You Need to Know About Traits

How to Use and Level Traits – The Basics

Throne and Liberty: How to Unlock, Use and Extract Traits - Basics

Every piece of equipment you have will have up to three different Traits, with the vast majority of loot default to only having one unlocked from the start.

However, a lot of gear has no Traits from the get-go. You can still unlock them, of course, which we’ll cover later in this guide.

Anyway, Traits are essentially just extra stats your equipment has. They are all passive buffs such as increasing your Max Health or granting a Damage Bonus, for example.

So, in a way, you don’t need to do anything special to use them! Just equip the gear that has the Traits and you’re good to go.

Gear Enchant Trait window

What you can do is increase their levels by using the “Trait” section of the “Gear Enchanting” menu. Just press the “.” key to open the menu!

Example of a Trait level up

To level up a Trait, you first need to select the equipment with the Trait you want to level up. In the example, the player is going to level up the Max Health trait on their weapon.

Then, you need to select any other equipment you have that has the exact same Trait. We’ll call this a “donor item”.

Do note that the donor item has to be of the same or lower rarity as your base item.

After that, just click “Enchant” and pay the fee in Gold to level up the Trait.

This does have a chance to fail if the donor item is of a lower rarity. Failure will destroy the donor item without leveling the Trait! But it’s not all that bad, as it will give your equipment Blessing Points!

You can use Blessing Points to increase Success Chance in future attempts.

Example of a Trait level up using Extracts

You can guarantee a successful Trait Level Up by using donor items or Extracts that match your item’s rarity. Using lower rarity gear will have a 10% base success chance.

Speaking of Extracts, you can make your own using your gear. We’ll cover that at the end of this guide, so keep an eye out for that!

Now, let’s go over how to unlock more Traits for your equipment.

How to Unlock Extra Traits

Throne and Liberty: How to Unlock, Use and Extract Traits - Unlock Traits

As said before, equipment can have up to three different Traits. However, you almost always need to unlock at least 2 of those.

To unlock a new Trait, you’ll need an exact duplicate of your equipment that has the Trait you want.

Showing the duplicate item requirement for Unlock

For example, to unlock a new Trait for your Elite Resistance Hood, you’ll need another Elite Resistance Hood with the Trait you want.

The unlock process works the same as the level-up process, just without a fail chance. Just select the item you want to unlock a new Trait for in “Gear Enchanting” and then select the donor item you want to use.

Make sure to use the Trait Unlock system to get up to three powerful Traits on your equipment, it’s a real game change. Hunting down duplicates with the Traits you want can be a pain, though, admittedly…

How to Convert Traits to Other Ones

Throne and Liberty: How to Unlock, Use and Extract Traits - Conversion

If you have a Trait you don’t particularly like and you want to change it for another one, you can use Trait Conversion.

The process is somewhat similar to Trait Unlocking, so you will require a duplicate of your item with the Trait you want.

Additionally, you will need 10 Convert Potions matching your item’s rarity. For example, 10 Rare Convert Potions if your base item is Rare (Blue).

Sundries Merchant's Convert Potions stock

You can buy them from any Sundries Merchant NPC in the game, but they cost quite a lot of Gold. Trait Conversion is easy, but it ain’t cheap!

Once you have the Convert Potions and your items, though, just open the Trait section of Gear Enchanting again.

Select your base item with the Trait you want to change, then click on the “Trait Conversion” icon next to the Trait you want to change.

Lastly, select the donor item with the new Trait you want and accept the Trait Conversion!

Keep in mind that the new Trait will be Level 1, it won’t match the level of your old Trait.

Make good use of this feature to swap our useless Traits for ones that are the best-in-slot for your equipment.

How to Extract Traits from Equipment

Last but not least, we have Trait Extraction. This is a simple process, but it can be a massive Gold sink. You’ll need to get as much Gold as you can before you even think about this!

However, this is a great way to ensure you get the Traits you want on your equipment. It’s also a fantastic way to make Lucent in the Marketplace!

To start Trait Extraction, you just need to click on an item on your inventory and select “Trait Extraction”.

You can then select all the items you want to Extract Traits from, but be aware that the items will be lost in the process! Nonetheless, it’s nice that you can do it in bulk.

Now, this is when things get costly: each Trait you extract will require 10 Extraction Flames matching the item’s rarity.

For example, Rare (Blue) items will require 10 Rare Extraction Flames!

You can buy these Extraction Flames from any Sundries Merchant NPC, just like the Convert Potions. They’re extremely pricey, though, so make sure you’ve got enough Gold to get them.

Other than that, though, Trait Extraction is an extremely simple and useful process.

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