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Throne and Liberty: Why You Should Join a Guild (All Benefits)

Join a guild and gain access to amazing benefits




Whether you start your own or join someone else’s, being in a guild has a variety of benefits in Throne and Liberty. Guilds are an essential part of the game, as they allow you to access parts of the game you wouldn’t be able to without being in one.

So what are all the benefits of being in a guild?

We have complied with every benefit associated with being in a guild. From unique quests to exclusive rewards, get access to all that the guild system has to offer.

Why You Should Join a Guild

You will be able to build your own guild once you reach level 3 in the game. It’s not necessary to make a guild, as you can also choose to join an already existing one. In both cases, you will gain access to the various benefits of being in a guild.

Guild Contracts and Rewards

guild contract menu

Joining any guild will give you access to a number of different quests in the form of contracts. These contracts are the same for everyone in the guild, and each member can help progress this contract.

Each contract will require you to do something specific to complete it. Upon completion, you and your fellow guild members will be able to claim the rewards of the contract. There are 3 different types of contracts in the game:

  • Dungeon Contracts – Contracts that require you to defeat monsters in specific dungeons
  • Territory Contracts – Area-based contracts, where you are required to defeat enemies within a certain area
  • Dynamic Event Contracts – These are unique, as they require you to complete requirements based on Dynamic Events
guild rewards menu

The Rewards section in your guild menu allows you to keep track of your progress towards these rewards.

Guild Raids

raid bosses menu, with rewards of a specific boss being highlighted

Raid bosses are a very fun way for your guild to earn a lot of amazing rewards. You can access these raid bosses from the Guild Raid area located within your Guild Base. In total, your guild will only be able to fight a certain number of bosses per day.

Beating these bosses gives you access to unique rewards that can only be earned by defeating that boss. These rewards can be anything depending on the boss you fight. Other than that you also earn a lot of currency, XP, and other amazing rewards from these fights.

Guild Wars

Other than PvE, you will also be able to take part in PvP in the form of Guild Wars. Guild Wars allow your guild to go up against other guilds in an epic PvP battle.

your map in the game showing you the schedule on the left. a boonstone is also marked on the map

Once you are in a guild, you will have these green markers on your map that are called Boonstones. Boonstones give you and your guild access to additional stats when you are in control of them.

You can go into war against a guild that controls a Boonstone, and have a chance to beat them to get control of the stone. Wars for the Boonstone are scheduled events, so everyone will know when it will take place ahead of time.

Guild Merchant

guild merchant shop

Guild Merchants become available to you as soon as you join a guild. These merchants are very useful, as they give you access to some very unique items. You can buy a variety of Lithographs from Guild Merchants, allowing you to craft Guild Weapons. Other than that, Guild merchants also have special consumables available for you.

You will need a unique currency to purchase these items called Guild Coins. These coins can be earned from the various guild tasks you have access to.

guild menu with the donation section highlighted.

Donating to your guild also allows you to earn some Guild Coins. You are able to donate a selection of resources to your Guild, but there is a limit to how much you can donate. There are a maximum of 10 donations available to you at a time, and each hour you gain an additional donation.

Guild Skills

guild skills menu

From the guild menu, you will also have access to the Skill section. Over here you will be able to see all the different skills you have available to you by being in a guild. A lot of these skills are extremely useful and give you and your guild members massive bonuses.

You will need to level up your guild to gain access to more skills.

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