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The Cycle Frontier: How Long Do Storms Last and How to Survive?

Storms are one of the random events that can affect worlds in The Cycle: Frontier. This guide shows how long they last, how to survive them and the advantages to staying in affected areas.




Storms are an event that can happen randomly several times. Whenever they are about to happen, the game will warn you. This is your chance to evac, if you don’t want to deal with them. Alternatively, you can find some place to bunker down during the storm. But there’s many benefits to weathering the storms, so here’s some tips on how to survive them and reap the benefits.

How Long Do Storms Last in The Cycle: Frontier

The duration of them seems to be somewhat randomized, though they are about 5 minutes long on average. Some might last less, while others might be a tad longer. Ultimately, however, they’re not much longer or shorter than 5 minutes. Keep that in mind when thinking about trying to survive them.

How to Survive Storms in The Cycle: Frontier

As said previously, you are warned before storms happen. Keep in mind that you can not evac after a storm has already started. Now, let’s go over how to survive a storm if you choose to stay.

First off, you have to watch out for lightning. This is the main way in which storms can kill you. If you are bunkered down under a roof, lightning can’t hit you. But if you’re out in the open, you’ll notice a red ball of electricity start to form at your feet randomly.

When you notice this, quickly get away from the radius of the electricity. While this electricity itself doesn’t do any damage, it’s there to show that lightning will hit in a couple seconds. Lightning can be fatal. Just make sure to keep an eye out for the indicators and avoid the lightning.

Advantages to Weathering Storms

The main advantage to weathering storms in The Cycle: Frontier is that there is a lot less players during them, simply put. New players can not spawn in the map while a storm is going on and most players choose to evac out after the warning. This means that the few that do remain are free to explore and loot without the threat of other players.

On top of the lower player count in areas affected by storms, the mobs also seem to drop better loot on average. This is one way for the game to reward players that decide to stay and it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Finally, there are also glowy mushroom materials spawning during storms. These can be used to craft combat stims which heal for 30 HP. Though they ultimately aren’t all that worthwhile, compared to the other benefits on the storm. They’re more like an extra bonus.

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