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The Cycle Frontier: Big Map and Loot Changes You Must Know About

Cycle frontier will give you a more exciting experience due to the huge map and loot changes the game have. There are changes that you should be aware about, to familiarize yourself where to find an item, and how to find it.




Familiarizing yourself with the map is the best investment when you are playing Cycle frontier, which is also applicable for new players. Consider the game’s difficulty as the range form Tier 1 through Tire 5 offer a difficulty in looting. However, the higher the Tier the more you can get higher/rarest items.

Map Changes in The Cycle Frontier

Map Changes: Bright Sand

Credits: Phixate

If you can notice the changes on the picture for the bright sand map, the jungle side is much larger before.  Many players consider looting there (jungle) since there are many valuable loots for them to get, which is also a disadvantage for new players.

That is why major changes were apply on the map to create a balance for both new and avid player. On the other hand, the updated map created a huge change on the Tier 1 section as most of the Tier 2 was covered and changed into Tier 1. Thus, the jungle or Tier 4 is lesser than the usual.

Map Changes: Crescent Falls

Credits: Phixate

In crescent fall map, it is noticeable that most of the Tier 2 was changed into Tier 3 which means that there are more better loots and upgraded monsters on this map.

This map has been buffed and most of the Tiers available to loot at are from the average to highest Tier. Some areas were nerfed down to Tier 4, but they added more space for the Tier 5 map loot.

Loot Changes

Loots on jungles were moved behind locked doors making it more difficult for player s to knife it out and reach it. Furthermore, due to the changes on the map, looting and monster will also change according to the Tier level on where you are looting at.

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