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Supermarket Simulator: How to Get Started | Top Tips and Tricks

The foundations for your supermarket empire




The newly released Supermarket Simulator does a great job of giving you a realistic supermarket management experience. You get to run your own supermarket and take it to the top through various in-game decisions.

Our guide will look at everything that you need to know to get started in Supermarket Simulator. A good start to your management will help set up the base for your future success.

How to Get Started

You start off in the game with just a small supermarket and $50. To get started, you will need to buy the products and place them on the shelves. Once that is done, you can open up your supermarket and wait for the customers to come in.

At the end of the day, you get a summary of your performance and move on to the next day. There are various upgrades that you can get for your supermarket. As the game progresses, you can grow out your supermarket and start building your empire.

Buying Products

market that you can access on your computer Supermarket Simulator

Being a supermarket, you need to have something that you can sell. You will need to purchase the products that you will sell using the $50 that you get in the beginning. To purchase the products, you will need to head on over to the computer and open up the market.

After opening the market, you can select the products you want to buy and add them to your cart. When selecting the products, make sure you go for the cheaper options that give you more products to sell. Buying items like Sliced Bread or Flour instead of something like Cereal is much more useful in the beginning.

When ordering products, you have to be wary of the delivery cost. There is a fixed delivery cost in this game, so larger orders are something that can help you avoid paying a lot of delivery fees.

Stocking and Pricing the Products

the boxes with the products you orderedSupermarket Simulator

Once the order is placed, you can pick up the boxes containing the orders outside your shop. Pick up the boxes by going up to them and start placing them on the shelves in your supermarket.

pricing the products Supermarket Simulator

Next, you will need to price your products. When going for a price, the game will show you what the standard market price is for the product. Your price will need to be either lower than that or the same.

If your products are more expensive than the market price, then it will be harder for you to sell them. Lower prices will increase overall sales, but they will also negatively impact total profit.


When starting, you will have 0 employees to help you run your supermarket. This means that you will also have to act as the cashier for your supermarket.

working as the cashier at your Supermarket Simulator

Being the cashier is fairly straightforward, as all you have to do is scan the products and take the money from the customer. If the customer chooses to pay by card, you will need to use the credit card machine.

Once you start upgrading your supermarket and earn more cash, you can start hiring employees to help you out. The Cashier position is one of the first that you should hire.

Managing Your Supermarket

management section on your computer

There are going to be multiple different management decisions that you will have to make in Supermarket Simulator. Everything related to managing your supermarket can be found in the Management section on your computer.

Besides hiring employees, make sure to start getting licenses and growing your supermarket. Upgrades through the Management Section will help you earn more and more money as your supermarket grows.

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