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Space Engineers: How to Find Cobalt Ore?

One of the most elusive resources in the game, Cobalt Ore can be quite difficult to find if you’re just wandering around planets casually. Here’s a guide that can help.




As you’re playing Space Engineers, you’ll inevitably notice that some resources are harder than find than others. And Cobalt Ore can be particularly tricky. The Cobalt Ore is one of the most important ores to find in survival mode, as it’s needed to make crucial items like Gravity Generator Components, Hand Drills, and Thruster Components.

Although, your chances of finding one are mostly determined by RNG, there are a few ways to speed up the search process.

How to Find Cobalt Ore in Space Engineers

Without Ore detectors, you need to keep your eyes peeled for Dark Spots as you’re landing your ship on a planet, as these indicate where you can find Cobalt Ore.

Space Engineers: How to find Cobalt ore

To make the process easier, you can specifically choose locations where the darker spots are easier to identify, such as ice lakes or polar caps. That way, you’ll be able to easily scout out cobalt by simply walking around!

Building a Grid Rover

If you have some resources to spend, another good idea is to built a large grid ore detector on top of a rover and drive around, searching for cobalt ore.

Space Engineers: Build a grind rover

The detector will identify what are is nearby, minimizing the time you’ll spend on drilling materials you have no use for. A large ore detector has a range of 150m, meaning you’ll be able to find even the ore hidden deep underground. Also, if you’ll use the antenna to broadcast the data, the ore will stay marked even once you’re out of the rover!

Keep in mind, though, that the resources in Space Engineers spawn randomly when you arrive on the planet. So, you might need a lot of patience before you’ll get your first batch of Cobalt. But don’t give up – sooner or later, you’re bound to find it!

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