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Skul the Hero Slayer: How Many Skulls are There

Skulls are one of the main defining mechanics of the 2D hack and slash roguelike Skul the Hero Slayer. They govern the weapons and abilities you have at your disposal, being vital to progression.




Skulls in Skul the Hero Slayer come in many different types. There’s multiple rarities and styles, with each skull being pretty unique. Let’s go over just how many skulls there are in the game.

How Many Skulls are There in Skul the Hero Slayer

First off, it’s worth keeping in mind that all the skulls in the game come in a multitude of rarities. Each skull can be awakened by speaking with Arachne, which will increase the skull’s rarity and give you new skills. For example, awakening a common skull will turn it into a rare skull. All skulls can be awakened up to the rank of “Legendary”. Skulls that are at Legendary rank can not be upgraded further, however.

How Many Skulls are There in Skul the Hero Slayer

On top of the rarities, skulls come in 3 different main types: Balance, Speed and Power. This is pretty straightforward. Balance skulls have a balance of speed and power. Speed skulls sacrifice power for speed, allowing more agile attacks. On the other hand, Power skulls are slower but deal much more damage and have defensive abilities.

How Many Skulls are There for Each Rarity

Finally, let’s break down just how many skulls there are in the game for each rarity. Again, keep in mind that lower rarity skulls have more awakenings that rarer ones. This means that common skulls have 4 different awakenings, rare ones have 3 awakenings and unique skulls have 2 awakenings. Again, Legendary skulls have no awakenings. So technically, every common skull has 4 subtypes and so on. The following numbers are based only on the base type of each skull.

  • 9 Common Skulls, with 4 awakenings for each
  • 13 Rare Skulls, with 3 awakenings for each
  • 9 Unique Skulls, with 2 awakenings for each
  • 5 Legendary Skulls, with no awakenings for any of them

In total, there are 36 base skull types. Again, not counting any of the subtypes each skull has via awakening.

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