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Skul the Hero Slayer: How to Get Bone Fragments

Bone fragments are one of the many useful items you can obtain in the 2D hack and slash roguelike Skul the Hero Slayer, allowing you to upgrade your skulls. But how exactly do you get them?




Bone fragments can be obtained in every playthrough of Skul the Hero Slayer and they allow you to upgrade your skulls. This gives you better and stronger abilities, so it’s one of the most important things to do to ensure victory. This guide explains exactly how to get bone fragments.

How to Get Bone Fragments in Skul the Hero Slayer

Obtaining Bone Fragments is actually a lot simple than you might think. During each playthrough of Skul, you might find a multitude of skulls to equip. You can only have 2 equipped at once, however.

You can then decide to break down any unwanted skulls by holding down the pickup button instead, trading it in for bone fragments. Alternatively, leaving a room without picking up skulls will automatically break them down and give you bone fragments for them.

The amount of bone fragments you get varies, with rarer skulls giving more bone fragments.

How to Use Bone Fragments

Now, to use those bone fragments you have been obtaining, you simply have to speak with the NPC spider woman Arachne. She can be found after every mini-boss and boss. She will upgrade your equipped skull at a cost of bone fragments.

These upgrades are called “Awakenings” and can be done by choosing “Awaken” when speaking with her. The cost of each upgrade depends on the rarity of your skull, with rarer skulls being more costly.

Do note, however, that upgrades are not permanent. You also lose all of your bone fragments when you die, they do not carry over to your next runs. This means that there is little reason to save them and you should upgrade your skulls every run.

The game can be quite tough, so it’s essential to make sure your skulls are upgraded.

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