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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: How to Beat Kagutsuchi

The final boss of the Persona fighting spin-off can be very intimidating. This guide will tell you how to beat Kagutsuchi in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax with ease.




Kagutsuchi can be very intimidating, with his imposing size and the fact that his fight is completely unlike anything else you’ve fought up until this point. But the truth is, he’s actually a really simple fight.

How to Beat Kagutsuchi in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

At first you might think you’re not damaging him. With no health bar and seemingly no reaction from him when he’s attacked, it’s hard to tell if you’re even doing anything. But don’t worry, just keep wailing on him and you’ll eventually win the fight.

Kagutsuchi is encountered at the end of both Episode P4 and Episode P3. The only real difference is that in P4’s side of the story you control Yu Narukami. In P3’s side, you control Labrys. While both characters have very different gameplay styles, your overall strategy is going to be the same. Just spam auto-combos and your best attacks. It really is that simple. Despite being intimidating, Kagutsuchi is a really simple boss.

Surely you know how to do auto-combos at this stage of the game, but just in case, you simply have to mash the A attack button. This varies depending on your system, so check your controller configuration. By default, it should be Square on PS4, Y on Switch and X on a PC assuming you use an Xbox controller. You might take damage, but it’s really not worth trying to defend during this fight. Just spam auto-combos and you’ll outlive the boss.

Episode P4

As Narukami, you can also just spam Zio while jumping. Zio is performed with the input quarter circle forward + C. Just do this while jumping. Again, which button is C depends on your controller, so check your settings to make sure. If you spam the attack, Yu’s persona Izanagi will continue doing it mid-air.

Episode P3

Labrys needs to get a bit closer to Kagutsuchi due to her range. However, when in range, you can just spam Guillotine Axe. Guillotine Axe’s input is quarter circle backward + B. Just keep hitting Kagutsuchi in the face with it and it should go down in no time at all.

If all Else Fails, Change Difficulty

If you’re still struggling, you can go out to the main menu and go to Options. Here you can set the game’s difficulty to “Safety”, which is the lowest difficulty. Nobody’s judging you because, truth be told, it’s not a particularly good boss anyway. Best to get him out of the way ASAP so you can experience the game’s conclusion.

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