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My Time at Sandrock: How to Increase and Recover Stamina

Most of the actions you do in My Time at Sandrock will consume stamina. So if you don’t manage your stamina while foraging, mining, or gathering wood, then you won’t be able to progress further.




Stamina management is important in My Time at Sandrock. Almost everything you do in the game uses stamina. This is especially true if you’re gathering resources. This is why if you don’t want your progress to get halted, you’ll have to manage your stamina wisely.

Luckily, the game offers you a variety of ways to recover your stamina if ever it gets depleted. In this guide, we’ll have a look at what those options are.

How to Increase and Recover Stamina in My Time at Sandrock

You’ll start the game with 300 stamina which will be enough to let you explore and do a bunch of stuff. However, as you start performing more and more actions, you’ll notice that your stamina gets depleted pretty quickly.

In order to recover it, you have either:

  • Rest on a furniture
  • Eat food at the Blue Moon Saloon
  • Sleep
  • Eat food you cooked via a Cooking Station

Of these options, the best method is to eat food at the Blue Moon Saloon. You simply have to visit the shop, head over to the counter, and order food from the Order Here sign. This will cause a pop-up menu to appear which will display the available food you can order and their prices.

Here, you can also view the total stamina points each food can recover. Simply choose your food and eat it.

Ways to Increase Stamina

Apart from stamina recovery, you can also increase your maximum stamina points. There are three ways to achieve this. First is by simply leveling up, which will grant a bonus to your stamina points for every level up you get.

Second is by placing certain furniture inside your house. Alternatively, you can use certain clothing and accessories that grant some minor stamina bonuses too. Keep in mind that your furniture effects will depend on your current home level. The higher your home level, the higher the cap for your furniture effects.

Lastly, upon reaching level five, you can access the Knowledge mechanic. Here, you will unlock four Knowledge skill trees which will gain experience depending on the actions you perform.

If you want to increase your stamina, you’ll have to level up your Stamina Knowledge node under Gathering.

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