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Lost Ark: Valtan Phase 1 Guide | How to Prepare

Lost Ark’s first Legion Raid is coming soon, and a lot of players are anticipating the Raid’s arrival.




The introduction of Valtan, the first Legion Raid, is one of the most exciting things in the impending content of Lost Ark’s NA and EU versions. The eight-player Legion Raid involves teamwork and coordination to carry out the finest strategy and defeat every challenging opponent. This tutorial is ideal for anyone who wants to prepare for the Valtan release.

How to Prepare For Valtan Phase 1 Guide In Lost Ark

Legion Raids are both demanding and time-consuming. The Valtan Legion Raid, in particular, features a number of new elements that gamers want to challenge ASAP.

So far, information on the upcoming update includes a Raid with two phases. But I’ll only cover preparations for the first phase in this article.

Defeating the Wolf

In the first phase, you will be meeting with a Purple Wolf instead of Valtan. Party members must use all their skills to deal massive damage to this enemy. Once the wolf’s HP reaches 45, it will move to the center and transforms into a much stronger red wolf.

The transformation deals damage to nearby players, so make sure to stay away from it. In addition, another wolf with different color will be summoned to make things more annoying for you.

To prepare yourself for this battle, here are some of the attack moves that you should anticipate:

  • Swipe: swipes once or twice.
  • Three Swipes: swipes three times in a large area (backside is a safe area)
  • Fury Swipes: swipes many times in an area.
  • Blood Tornado: creates a blood tornado that follows a player
  • Shuriken: shoots spreading shuriken (the safe area is right next to the boss)
  • Multiple Explosions: explosions around the boss, it’s best to avoid them
  • Teleport and Swipe: wolf teleports to a player and swipes people nearby into the air
  • Jump and Swipe: wolf jumps to a player and swipes people nearby in the air
  • Back Tumbling: wolf kicks players in the front and swipes players behind
  • Spin and Explode: wolf spins in a circular manner, and the outside area explodes. Stay inside to avoid damage.

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