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HAWKED: Glyph Order Puzzle Solution

Dont let a puzzle stop you from getting to some treasure




Extracting treasure from vaults is a big part of HAWKED‘s gameplay. To gain access to the treasure within vaults, you will sometimes need to solve some sort of puzzle.

One such puzzle is the Glyph Order puzzle. Our guide will be looking at the exact solution for the puzzle, which should help you solve the puzzle and get to the valuable treasure waiting for you.

Glyph Order Puzzle Solution

the glyph puzzle

In order to solve this puzzle, you will need to shoot the glyphs in a specific order. You can shoot the glyphs using the slingshot that you have. Even though there are 8 glyphs on the vault door, you need to shoot just 3.

order for the glyph puzzle

The image above shows the 3 glyphs that you will need to shoot, and the order you must follow. You must follow the order, as shooting the glyphs out of order will not open the vault door.

the artifact behind the door you just opened

Once you shoot the 3 glyphs in the right order, you can go into the vault and loot the Artifact inside.

You can take the Artifact with you to GRAIL, and get a valuable reward for it. Any Artifact that you find in this game can be taken back with you to GRAIL. other than rewarding you for Artifacts, the GRAIL is also a great place for you to unlock skins in Hawked.

escape the area after getting the artifact

With the Artifact in your possession, you will need to quickly get out of the area before you are caught. You can escape the area by following the markers provided to you by the game.

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