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How to Do Emotes in HAWKED

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HAWKED allows players to communicate with each other using some very fun emotes. Emotes are the fastest way to communicate with players, as you won’t need to type or talk on the game. So, how do you do emotes in HAWKED?

How to Do Emotes

emote menu with emotes at the bottom

To perform an Emote, you will just need to open up the emote menu and select the Emote you want to perform. Emotes can be found in the same place other in-game communication pings can be found.

Pressing and holding your mouse’s scroll wheel will open up the menu with the Emotes. The emotes will be at the bottom, and to select a specific one, just hover over it with your mouse. Let go of the scroll wheel, and your character will perform the selected emote.

For Playstation, you will need to press R1 instead of the scroll wheel to open the menu. Then just select the emote you want to perform using the right analog stick and let go of R1. For Xbox, just use the Right Bumper (RB) instead of R1.

character performing an emote

There are plenty of different emotes that you can unlock besides the base ones you get. These emotes can be unlocked using either Hawks or the game’s premium currency called GE-0 cash. Be on the lookout for fun new emotes to add to your collection.

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