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Guilty Gear Strive: How to Unlock Colors

Every fighting game nowadays allows you to customize your characters, and Guilty Gear Strive is no exception, but the game is surprisingly restrictive with this option.




Since their conception, fighting games allowed you to choose different color palettes for each character, at first to avoid confusion during mirror matches, but later to give the player an easy-to-implement customization option. Guilty Gear Strive also has this feature, but portions of it are unfortunately hidden behind a paywall.

How to Unlock Colors in Guilty Gear Strive

When starting a match, you should be able to choose between colors 1-6 by pressing the directional keys or moving the analog stick left and right. The colors 7-12 are only available if you’ve purchased an additional color DLC pack, pre-ordered the game or bought Guilty Gear Strive Ultimate Edition on PS4 or PS5. The 12th color is not available on PC, at least for now.

DLC Color Packs

There are three DLC color packs – Additional Character Color Pack, Sol and Ky Special Color and Ultimate Edition Special Color pack. The Additional Color Pack includes colors 7-11 for each character, including all 5 DLC fighters. Alternatively, you can also get this pack by purchasing the game’s season pass 1.

Ultimate Edition Special Color Pack is, for now, an exclusive bonus for the owners of the game’s Ultimate Edition, available only on PS4 and PS5. The Special Color Pack is only available in the pre-ordered version of the game, both on consoles and on PC.

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