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Does Tiny Combat Arena Have VR Support?

Tiny Combat Arena is a flight simulator that provides its players with various game modes and an exciting air combat experience. Is it VR-supported? Check this guide out to learn more.

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Tiny Combat Arena is a great game for flying enthusiasts and gamers alike. The game resembles a fictional Cold War-era conflict. Most simulator games nowadays have adapted to VR gameplay. In this guide, we’ll answer in detail if Tiny Combat Arena has VR support or not.

Does It Have VR Support – Tiny Combat Arena

Like other flight simulators, this game has a lot of potential. It provides a realistic gaming experience; you’ll be able to create your various missions and have a stroll on eye-catching sceneries.

When it comes to air combat, this game also doesn’t disappoint. You’ll be choosing your specific loadout on your first plane, Harrier. You can also create a new set of tactics on missions—such as studying in-game mechanics to take advantage of weapons.

You might notice that this game is more optimized for VR than monitor displays. Although its players have shown great support for VR gameplay, there are no plans of adding VR support as of this moment.

The reason remains unknown—but some speculated that it’s due to factors outside of the game, such as costs, competition to other games, etc. The game however is still great, even though its developers have no intentions of VR-supported gameplay.

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