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Does Not For Broadcast Have A Mac Version | Mac Support

Even Mac owners play games sometimes.




The world knows that gaming on a PC is a great way to enjoy games for those who can afford a monster rig. Windows PC’s are generally sought out by gamers because most game developers develop PC games on Windows PC’s. Sometimes, if the demand is high enough, the developers would then release a Mac version of their game available to download.

Is the demand for Not For Broadcast on Mac high enough for the developers to release a Mac version?

Can You Play Not For Broadcast On Mac?

Currently, there is no Mac version available for Not For Broadcast. With the games recent release being a week ago, only gamers on Windows PC’s are able to enjoy this news simulator.

Although there is a demand for a Mac version from the player base with people asking way back when the game was still in early access.

Fortunately, a developer has confirmed that a Mac version is something they’d hope to do, as stated by Electryte, a developer for Not For Broadcast.

Sadly, this post was made two years ago, and no word since then about a Mac version.

Still, don’t give up Mac owners. With the full release of Not For Broadcast just being recently finished, the possibility of a Mac version is now likely. The developers may now take the time to create a Mac version to reach a wider audience that isn’t on Windows.

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