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Not For Broadcast: Which Is The Best Ending?

When there are 14 different endings in one video game, the discussion of which is the best ending will always come up.




Not For Broadcast offers a whopping 14 different endings in the game. It’s considered a lot by gaming standards, but definitely not overwhelming like most games. For example, 428: In a Blockaded Shibuya has 85 endings. Yes, 85 endings in total. Which keeps a lot of players busy for the next month or so.

But in Not For Broadcast, you might be wondering which of the 14 endings is the best ending? Just like in other games and movies, the best endings are the one where no one dies.

Which Is The Best Ending? – Not For Broadcast

The best ending you can get is called the The Middle Ground, which can be acquired in Finale D: Jeremy’s Vengeance.

In this ending, Jeremy and Alan do not get killed unlike in the other Finale’s where either Jeremy or Alan die in order to access the other endings.

I consider The Middle Ground ending to be the best ending because no one favors Disrupt or Advance, leaving everyone on a neutral ground, thus why the ending is called The Middle Ground.

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FIFA 23: Best Camera Settings to Use

This is the best setting for the Camera on FIFA 23





It is a well-known fact that every player wants to bring the best experience from every game they play.

The visual experience is one of the most important factors of a game. For that reason, EA Sports has given us a plethora of options for the camera position and settings. Here are the best camera settings to use in FIFA 23.

Best Camera Settings to use in FIFA 23

If you play FIFA casually and you just want to enjoy the experience the best position for your camera is Co-Op with the following settings:

  • Camera Height 20
  • Camera Zoom 0

It is the most popular option for casual players as it gives a good angle and position in contrast to the pitch. Alternatively, you can choose the Tele-Broadcast angle.

Ultimately the height and zoom are down to the player’s preferences but, a good rule is to not to zoom in too much because you can’t see the edges of the pitch.

Competitive players mostly use Tele-Broadcast or Co-Op with their personal settings for camera height and zoom. Tele-broadcast allows them to see the players on the other side of the pitch and offer enough vision for the man on the ball. Co-Op gives you a wider overview and is best for players who like to pass and switch the play regularly.

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