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Black Desert Mobile: What is Succession Skill and How to Unlock

Round out your build with these powerful skills




Black Desert Mobile has a ton of different skills for players to learn and equip, and Succession Skills are one of the latest to be added to the game. These powerful skills are a perfect way to round out your build.

So what are Succession Skills and how do you get them?

Our guide will look at how Succession Skills work exactly in Black Desert Mobile, and how you can unlock them.

What is Succession Skill and How to Unlock

two different succession skills that you can equip

Succession Skills allow players to utilize skills from the class that they are not playing with. So if your character is from the Ascension Class, you can equip a skill that allows you to cast an Awakened Class skill.

You can start unlocking and equipping Succession Skills once you complete the game’s main story. They are a great way to finish off your build and get powerful abilities from the other class.

To get Succession Skills and equip them, you will need to have Succession Skillbooks. So, how exactly do you get your hands on these Spellbooks?

How to Get Succession Skillbooks

There are 2 main ways in which you can get Succession Skillbooks.

the skillbook as a reward upon completing mission

The first way to get the Succession Skillbook is from story missions. All missions in Black Desert Mobile will give you rewards upon completion, and Succession Skillbooks are a possible reward.

So for example, the “Charm of Succession” mission will give you a Succession Skillbook as a reward when completed. You can access the “Charm of Succession” mission through the Legacy of the Sherekhan storyline.

you can buy the skillbook for 90 black pearls at the pearl shop

You can also buy the Succession Skillbook from the Pearl Shop. The cost for one skillbook is 90 Black Pearls.

It’s important to note that only one Succession Skill can be active at a time. So even if you buy multiple Successions Skillboooks, you won’t be able to equip multiple Succession Skills.

They are still good to have though, as they allow you to change the Succession Skill you have equipped.

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