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Black Book: How to Compose a Spell

Black Book’s battle system is all about weaving spells together to win fights.




Winning fights in Black Book is all about weaving spell cards, or pages, together. But the system might be confusing for first-time players or those that aren’t familiar with card-based combat RPG games like Slay the Spire. If you are confused about the combat system, here is how it works.

How to Compose a Spell in Black Book

Your power in the game comes from the way you use and combine your cards, but some of these effects aren’t very clear or not explained, which can leave some hanging.

The idea is that you create Zagovors by combining your different cards. You’ll want to use effects that affect each other, such as applying Waste with one card then using another to multiply it or deal damage based on it.

Using cards that only deal damage can get the work done but is in weaving these effects together that you can really take advantage of the game’s combat system. Especially for the combat puzzles, you’ll have to deal with later on.

At the start of the game, you’ll be able to combine 3-4 pages of your book, or cards, to create your Zagovors. But as the game goes on, you’ll be able to increase your limit through advancing your character and the use of artifacts.

The more pages of your book you can wave together, the more impactful your spells will be. Ultimately, composing spells is all about using pages that synergize well with each other.

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Season: Artist Assistant Trophy Guide

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