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Black Book: “Crispy Grove” Puzzle Solution

For the fight in the woods with Nikolai, you’ll need to know what you are doing in order to come out triumphant.




Black Book has a lot of battle puzzles where your carefully crafted deck won’t be of much help, as you will need to use specific cards in order to figure out how to win.

They can be a little frustrating for some, but they offer an interesting alternative to the standard combat of the game. If you aren’t sure how to beat the Crispy Grove battle puzzle, here’s how:

How to Solve the Crispy Grove Puzzle in Black Book

You’ll be able to find the Cripsy Grove battle puzzle during your quest to help Nikolai. It should be in the Swamp area of the map.

First, move there and examine the house. You’ll start a pursuit that will end up leading you to the Crispy Grove, where the battle puzzle will start.

The fight against the evil spirits will take 3 turns, and here’s how you need to use your cards to win:

For the 1st turn, you’ll want to use Imperishable Robe and Headless to survive the damage of the spirits. Follow that with Enakha-Bes.

For the 2nd turn, you’ll want to start applying some damage. Choose Karkusha, followed by Urazy to apply some Waste. They use Herod’s Bones to double the Waste. The spirits will attack you but your previous white spells should keep you safe.

Finally, for the 3rd turn, you want to use Karkusha again, followed by Tryasovitsa and Ore. Use Nikolai to lay down some hurt too. That should be enough to end the battle and net you the win.

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