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Black Book: Creaky Woods Quest Guide

To finish Nikolay’s main quest, you’ll have to beat this battle puzzle. Learn how.




Black book

Black Book has a lot of battle puzzles to beat in order to advance with the story or with side-quests. They can be very rewarding and fun, but if you haven’t gotten a hang of the battle system yet they can be a tough nut to crack.

Fortunately for you, we already cracked that nut, and we are here to tell you how to do so. Read on to learn how to beat the Creaky Woods battle puzzle.

Quest Guide for the Creaky Woods in Black Book

This quest will show up on the map as Creaky Woods, and it is part of Nikolay’s main story.

Once you get there, you’ll have to fight a Huge Log. Here is what to do:

1st turn: The log has 63 HP and is gearing up to use Rotten Bark on you, which will cause 999 Waste. You need to use Imperishable Phelonion on yourself so that the waste heals you instead of damaging you. Then use Headless to absorb damage, as the Huge Log will follow up with a 999-damage attack for his 2nd turn. For your last move of the turn, use Enaha Demon to remove his Ward status.

2nd turn: This is your time to lay down some hurt. Use Korkusha to deal with 5 Waste, then Urazi, and finally Herod’s Bones to double the Waste on him. Your Headless should keep you safe from his attack.

3rd turn: At this point, he should be down to 49 health. You want to use Korkusha again, then Tryasovitsa to deal damage equal to double his waste, that should be 28 damage. Then use Ruda to deal 2 damage and Nikolay’s attack for another 5 damage. He should be down to 14 HP, which the 14 Waste should take care of.

And now the fight is done. After the battle is over, you’ll have a cutscene with the Crazy Woman. Answer “Changeling” and you’ll get a bonus of 200 experience.

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