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Black Book: Vilgoth Cemetery – Prokopy Lair Solution

To win Ded Egor’s Loyalty, you’ll have to win this battle puzzle.




Black Book has special tasks that your allies will ask you to complete for them. In the case of Ded Egor, this loyalty side quest will task you with fighting someone in the Vilgoth cemetery. But this fight isn’t like others in the game.

Let’s see why.

Vilgoth Cemetery’s Prokopy Lair Solution in Black Book

Ded Egor’s loyalty puzzle will take you to the Prokopy Lair inside Vilgoth’s Cemetery chapel. Here, you will be required to fight a Koldun, who can weave zagovors using pages just like you.

This adds a unique twist to the fight that you haven’t dealt with so far.

For starters, you’ll have to weave a zagovor using the same or fewer number of pages to go first. This doesn’t apply to firm pages or gestures.

The battle puzzle has 4 moves in total, here’s how you beat it:

From the get-go, this isn’t a conventional battle. Your enemy will deal 6 damage to you and Ded using two black words, then use one white word to give himself 33 armor. On top of that, his ward will grant him an additional 50 armor at the start of his turns.

As you can see, direct damage is not going to cut it, so this battle will require that you stack waste on the enemy while simultaneously protecting yourself.

1st turn: Use Headless to give yourself some armor and damage absorption then Ognevitsa to deal damage back to him while applying well-versed. Then Bloodburn for burning blood, and Firm Knife for Gesture, Firm, and Sacrifice. You’ll want to use Curse with Ded Egor right away to reduce the attack damage of the Koldun.

2nd turn: You’ll once again use Headless to keep absorbing damage, then Breakbone to multiply your sacrifice. Finally, use Red Sun to double your armor while applying more sacrifice. The trick to the battle is to survive his damage while the sacrifice stacks more Waste on him.

3rd turn: Use Dead Man to increase the Waste he gets every turn, then Breakbone once more to multiply his Sacrifice, and Herod Bones to double his waste. This should kill him at the start of the 4th turn.

You could try other solutions since there are 4 turns, but this one will do the trick in 3 turns.

After the fight is over, you’ll get a cutscene with Ded Egor where he will ask you what to do with the restless dead. Choose to break the spine and hammer an aspen stake to get a bonus of 100 experience.

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