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Black Book: How to Solve Dog Creek Task?

Not sure how to complete this side quest? Don’t worry, we got you.




Black Book is filled with a lot of little side quests and battle puzzles, which give you a break from the normal setup of the game to try something different.

However, some of them can be tough to crack with multi-turn battles to deal with. If you are not sure how to find or solve, the Dog Creek task here is how:

How to Solve the Dog Creek Task in Black Book

Before you can start this battle puzzle, you first need to find it. It should pop up while you are helping with Nikolay’s quest. It should show up as “Dog Creek” on the map.

Once you go to the marked location, you will get a dialogue screen with two prompts:

  1. Inspect the Creek
  2. Leave the location

Choose to inspect the creek and then take the figure, a Golden Goddess artifact that will give you +2 Prayer on battle start. Right after that, you will be forced to battle it out in a 3-turn battle puzzle.

Here’s how to beat it:

For the 1st turn, you want to take out the middle demon first. The one with 14hp. If you don’t, it’ll buff the other demons and give them an extra 10 hp. You want to use Ognevitsa for 9 damage, and Nikolay for 5 damage. It should do the trick.

After that, you’ll need to take out the demon with 30HP on the right. He is gearing up to disable your black words, which is why you want to use well-versed and all the black words you can on your 1st turn. Use Korkusha on him, and then Bloon-burn to give enemies that attack your waste.

For the 2nd turn, there’s not much to do since your black words are blocked. So, you’ll use the white words you have. First Audelai, then Altar, and finally Lazarus.

Finally, for the 3rd turn, you’ll want to use Skorchen to deal 12 damage to the right demon. Prepolah to deal 3 damage to all, and Ruda to deal 2 damage to the left demon. The waste you applied should finish them off at this point.

That’s it. The puzzle is done and you get the artifact.

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