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Black Book: Road to Yanidor Guide

This is one rocky road with demonic troubles. Learn how to beat this puzzle.




Black Book has a lot of battle puzzles where you have to play your spells in very specific ways in order to win the fight.

They offer an interesting reprieve from the standard fights of the game and require a more careful approach to beating them. The Road to Yanidor is such a puzzle.

It might look intimidating, but as with all battle puzzles the trick is to mix your cards right. Let’s dive in.

Guide to the Road of Yanidor in Black Book

As you are trying to help Proshka learn about his past, you’ll have to beat this battle puzzle by fighting against a demon.

While it might seem impossible at first, since the demon is gearing up to do 999 damage, the trick is playing your cards right.

In the 1st turn, you want to choose your two highest black damage pages (Kila), which should do a total of 10 damage, and then Lazarus to add one rebirth. The demon should go down to 15 health and you should be still alive.

In the 2nd turn, you want to go all out with damage. Choosing two Kila and one Koldun Fiend spell should get you the 15 you need to send him back to whatever netherworld he crawled from.

And that’s it. Simpler than you thought right? For your efforts, you’ll be allowed to choose one of three pages.

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