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Backpack Battles: Best Build for Max Damage

Wreck other backpack battlers in seconds!




Backpack Battles is as addictive as it is tough, but battles being a race against time make it so that you really want to have the best build for max damage possible.

Fatigue and your opponents can’t kill you if the battles end as soon as they start due to your raw damage, after all!

In this guide, we’ll look at what might be the best damage build currently available in Backpack Battles.

Best Build for Max Damage

Backpack Battles: Best Build for Max Damage

NOTE: Backpack Battles is an Early Access game, so balance is prone to change with patches. As such, we can only guarantee this build will work on the Early Access Launch Version: 0.84.

Your max damage build will rely on three main aspects: the Ranger class, the Holy Spear, and the Critwood Staff.

The only thing you can truly guarantee is the Ranger class. Getting the Holy Spear and Critwood Staff will rely purely on luck.

You’ll need the right items to randomly pop up in the shop. That’s just how Backpack Battles works…

You’ll also need to use Item Recipes to make both items, as they aren’t regular items.

Critwood Staff recipe as an example

To combine items together using Item Recipes, just place them next to each other and complete one battle. You’ll notice that the items will combine thanks to a glowing line between them.

To make both of these powerful weapons, combine the following items:

  • Holy Spear – Spear + Glowing Crown
  • Critwood Staff – Magic Staff + Acorn Collar
Holy Spear item recipe

Once you’ve got them, place the Holy Spear so that it has as many empty slots or Holy items in front of it as possible.

Holy Spear setup

The Holy Spear will destroy 6 Block and cleanse 1 Debuff for every empty slot or Holy item! This can effectively keep you safe while shredding the enemy’s defenses, ensuring you deal max damage.

Critwood Staff placed

For the Critwood Staff itself, there are no special requirements needed. Just place it wherever you want in your backpack and you’re good to go.

Do note, you’ll also need high Mana Regeneration to keep both items active.

Box of Riches, contains Gemstones

Lastly, make sure to get Gemstones and slot them into both of these weapons to further buff their effects.

Keep all of that in mind and you’ve got a build that’ll easily deal the max damage possible!

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