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Backpack Battles: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | Tips and Tricks

These backpacks got hands!




Backpack Battles is a unique hybrid of inventory management and auto-battler, so we thought an ultimate beginner’s guide was a must to help people get into the game!

In this game, your character fights automatically based on how you set up the items in their backpack. That might sound silly, but there’s actually a surprising amount of depth and thought put into it.

In this ultimate beginner’s guide, we’ll give some important tips and tricks to help you understand how the game works.

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Backpack Battles

Check Out The Classes

Backpack Battles: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Classes

The first thing you do before you start some epic Backpack Classes, is to check out the available classes. You can check them in the main menu by pressing “Switch Classes”.

This will let you see all of their stats, abilities, and even their starting backpack setup!

While the overall gameplay is the same for every class, different classes do have unique perks that will change what kind of items you should pick.

The Ranger class unique abilities

For example, the Ranger class specializes in Luck and Critical Hits. She will get unique items to help boost her Luck too, such as the Lucky Clover.

Example of Subclass items

What’s more, every class will get to pick subclass items after winning 5 consecutive rounds!

Make sure that you try out the different classes until you find one that clicks for you.

Make Good Use of the Shop

Backpack Battles: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Shop

You’ll get to visit the Shop before every battle, and you can buy items to fill your backpack to the brim. Just spend the Gold you get from defeating foes!

While it’s simple enough, there are three things to keep in mind: Sales, Reservations, and Item Rarities.

Sales example

Sales happen randomly, and allow you to buy items for half price. The sweetest thing, though, is that you can resell items you bought on a Sale for the exact same price you paid.

If you buy Healing Herbs on sale for 2 Gold, you can resell them for 2 Gold. If you bought them at their full price of 4 Gold, you would still only get to sell it for 2 Gold.

Reservation example

Additionally, you can click on the price tag for an item to Reserve it. This will ensure that it’s still there after your next battle instead of it being rerolled!

Item Rarities in the shop

Lastly, keep Item Rarities in mind. You can see the potential Item Rarities by hovering over the “Shop” title card at the top of the screen.

Higher rarity items, such as Legendary and Godly ones, will have higher chances to appear as you win more consecutive rounds.

These items are much better than lower rarity ones, as you might imagine, but also cost a pretty penny! Don’t spend your Gold frivolously so that you can get these rarer items later on.

Reroll prompt

As a final tip in this section, you can always pay Gold to reroll the current selection of items by clicking on the rope at the top of the screen.

Use it when you’ve still got Gold to spend but no more items to buy!

Pay Attention to Stamina

Backpack Battles: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Stamina

A big and common mistake a lot of beginners make in Backpack Battles is to just dump every item they can into their backpacks.

More items equals more power, right? Wrong!

You should aim to carefully balance the items you have with your Stamina, as running out of Stamina will prevent you from acting at all.

Checking the detailed Stamina info

This will make you miss “turns”, plummeting your DPS and ensuring that your opponent outlives you.

Make sure to slot in items that boost your Stamina Regeneration, like Bananas, not just offensive items.

Also, know that you can check your current Stamina and Stamina Usage on your character’s stat sheet. Hover over it to see a detailed view of how much Stamina you consume and Regenerate per second!

Check Backpack Effects

Backpack Battles: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Backpack Effects

A small tip that might be a game changer for some players is that you should make sure to check out what effects the different backpacks have.

You can buy extra backpack space that gets attached to your starting backpack. But, just like items, every type of backpack attachment has unique effects!

For example, the basic Leather Bag just adds 4 extra backpack slots. On the other hand, a Fanny Pack adds only 2 extra slots but items placed inside it will trigger 10% faster.

Matching the right backpacks with the right items will be key to victory in this game.

Check Out Recipes and Matches

Backpack Battles: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Recipes

Another big element of Backpack Battles that a beginner might struggle with are Recipes and Item Matches.

Recipes are combinations of items that will straight up create new items.

One example is that slotting a Lump of Coal into a Wooden Sword will combine both items into a Torch after one round.

Recipes icon

You can check available Recipes at any time by clicking on the anvil-shaped “Recipes” icon on the bottom right of the Shop screen.

Making good use of Recipes won’t just give you stronger items, it will also make inventory management easier!

But that’s not the only way to combine items: you can also create Item Matches.

Item Matches example using the Pan

Certain items will have Stars around them, such as the Pan in the example above.

As you can see on its description, the Pan will get +1 Damage for every Food item it’s adjacent to. Put the Pan in your backpack, then put a Food item on one of the slots covered by the Stars to get the benefit!

Pan matched with a Banana

The more Item Matches you make, the stronger your items will be.

This also helps you with Stamina Management, as it makes your items stronger without increasing their Stamina Usage.

Make good use of both of these matching mechanics to bring out the true power of all your items!

Keep Fatigue in Mind

Backpack Battles: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Fatigue

Another short tip, but a relatively important one for any beginner, is that Backpack Battles has a Fatigue mechanic.

If a battle goes on long enough without either player losing, Fatigue will set in. This acts as a sort of Sudden Death mode!

Both players will start to take increasing Fatigue damage until one of them goes down.

You can use this to your advantage by having an item setup focused on Health Regeneration, too.

In short, though, just be aware that you’ll start taking Fatigue Damage if fights drag on for too long.

Take a Gander at a Rival’s Build

Backpack Battles: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - See What Killed You

We’ve told you a lot of things you can use to succeed as a beginner, but defeat is still possible in Backpack Battles… should this happen, though, take it as an opportunity to learn!

Whenever a battle ends, you can click on the “Hide” icon at the top of the screen to hide the results of the battle.

Checking out the opponent's backpack

This will allow you to check out your opponent’s backpack freely. Hover over their backpack and items to see what type of build they have, helping you figure out what beat you.

Make good use of this to learn about synergies and builds you hadn’t thought of yourself, then keep learning to win!

But, that’s our final tip for today, so we hope we’ve helped you get started in the very unique auto-battler that is Backpack Battles.

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