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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Legacy of the Sith – What Is Changed?

The upcoming expansion sees the return of some old faces and new changes. Learn what’s in store for you in a Galaxy Far Far Away…




With a new expansion come new and exciting changes and coming hot off the 10th Anniversary celebration Legacy of the Sith promises to shake up the game in some very interesting ways. New stories, Darth Malgus back to his shenanigans, and many mysteries to uncover.

But some of the most exciting changes are not in the form of new content, but changes to existing systems.

What’s Changed in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Legacy of the Sith?

Let’s start with the classic expansion changes. Legacy of the Sith increases the level cap for subscribers from 75 to 80 and continues the Ten-Year Anniversary celebration in the form of the Anniversary Personnel Vendor. The vendor’s inventory has been updated to include decorations based on the winners of the most recent “Best View in SWTOR” contest.

If you saw the most recent cinematic trailer, you know that Malgus will play a more central role in the storyline this time around, as he is trying to pursue some unknown plan. We will get to explore the aquatic planet of Manaan, as the Sith Empire tries to wrestle control of its kolto.

We will also visit the planet Elom, where Darth Malgus is hunting for a mysterious relic that’s critical to the Sith and the Jedi. You’ll be able to tackle this story on your own, or with others through a new Flashpoint.

Combat Styles

Say goodbye to advanced classes being locked to specific story paths. With Legacy of the Sith, Advanced classes will become Combat Styles, and you will be free to choose any blaster or force-based combat style you want.

Classes are now origin stories and are divided in two categories: Blaster-wielding, like the Smuggler, Agent, Trooper, and Bounty Hunter, or Force-based, like the Jedi Knight, Consular, Sith Inquisitor and Warrior.

If you choose a Blaster-wielding story, you are free to choose from any of the Tech combat styles, like Vanguard, Gunslinger, or Mercenary. Meanwhile, Force users are not limited to Force or Lightsaber, and can even flip between Dark and Light combat styles.

You still can’t choose a tech style if you are a force user, or vice versa. However, with the expansion subscribers can now choose a second combat style! So, if you want to be a Bounty Hunter that also packs some heavy artillery like a Commando, you can do so.

Legendary Items, Revamped Itemization and Loadouts

Patch 7.0 is packed with changes to items. Including the introduction of legendary items and changes to the itemization and reward system.

Legendary items will have unique effects that will alter the way you play your character, like set bonuses but all in one item. Plus, they can be upgraded so that you don’t have to replace them down the line. However, the current set bonuses are being removed with this patch.

And with all these changes to customization, combat, and items, 7.0 introduces a much-needed loadout system. Allowing you to change gear and abilities on the fly thanks to pre-sets!

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