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LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: All 5 Boarding Party Minikit Locations

The Boarding Party Minikits seem a bit tricky to find, but this guide got you covered.




Minikits are another set of collectibles that players should complete. One of the many requirements to unlock all six Kyber bricks in each level of the game is to collect all Minikits. In Episode IV’s The Boarding Party, you need to find five Minikits to complete the mission. But since Minikit special quests are filled with somewhat challenging tasks, some players find it hard to locate them.

All 5 Boarding Party Minikit Locations in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

The five Minikits in The Boarding Party mission are found in locations where you need to do many things, including engaging in battle, jumping a lot, opening doors, solving puzzles, and activating mechanisms. This guide will help you find each one of them with ease.

Minikit #1: Mynock Who’s There

The first Minikit is located at the Boarding party area. To obtain this Minikit, you first need to find all four hidden Supercounters or flying bat-type characters that you’ll encounter throughout the mission.

You’ll find the first Supercounter after passing through the electrical barriers as you obtain the Death Star plans. You need to grapple your way through a hole on the fourth floor for this one.

To find the second Supercounter, drop down the hole where Leia fell during the main story quest and pass through a door with a Hero Terminal. Use a Jedi or Sith character to open the door past the stairs before meeting R2-D2.

The third Supercounter is located at the end of the path where you find the 2nd one, specifically after the section where you release the emergency levers. Use the Stormtrooper’s Force skill to open the door. Look for a hole in the ground.

The last Supercounter can be found by going through the same door before meeting R2-D2, in a room filled with many Stormtroopers and a disco party. Locate the hole in the ceiling, grapple to it, and you should find the fourth bat.

Once all four Supercounters are found, you’ll find the first Minikit at the end of the hall.

Minikit #2

For this Minikit, you need to use the Force ability to open a door inside a room separated by glass. From there, fall through the hole and drop down to the floor below. Get past the electrical traps and reach the end of the hallway where you can find the second Minikit.

Minikit #3: Rhythm Rebels

Head back to the disco party room earlier and make everyone dance by using Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Mind Tricks ability. The disco ball will then explode and all you have to do is use its parts to build the third Minikit.

Minikit #4: Gonk This Way

Construct Admiral Ackbar’s hologram and use him to open the door. Once opened, defeat the Stormtroopers that will swarm the room from the other door. Go through the door on the left-hand side and proceed to the next room. There, you need to solve a puzzle that involves simultaneously pressing four buttons. The Force ability will help you finish this part. Once completed, you will find the fourth Minikit.

Minikit #5

The last and final Minikit can be found on the escape pod. You will reach a dead-end blocked by clutter and toys, so entry is not possible at this point. Smash your way through them and use the broken parts to build the Minikit.

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New World: How to Get the Woodworker’s Set

Get hold of your own Woodworker’s Set. Learn how to get it.





Level up your gameplays in New World by gearing up your armor by getting this Woodworker’s Set armor.

All the pieces that are included in the Woodworker’s Set are under the medium classification. Upon obtaining the complete set of Woodworker armor, you can acquire a total of 10% increase in yield. This is a big increment that is why players have been asking how they can get the Woodworker’s Set of armor.

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How to Get the Woodworker’s Set in New World

All these pieces from the Woodworker’s Set will be obtained by the player by going to different map locations that you should find out at the end of this article.

Each piece will be tackled individually. Important information such as the location and how to get there will be mentioned to make it easier for you to get yours now.

Woodworker’s Cap

This rare quality cap can be obtained from Slayer Rosellen.

Slayer Rosellen is located at the Northern Ebonscale Reach in the graveyard. However, you can only get this from SLayer Rosellen once you reach Player Level 51 and above.

The good thing about Slayer Rosellen is its quick respawn time. Due to this, you can have larger chances of obtaining this if you are really persistent. You can try several times, but it is guaranteed that Slayer Rosellen will eventually drop the Woodworker’s Cap.

Woodworker’s Shirt

For this one, you can get it after taking down Overseer Levi in the Upper Svikin Shattered Mountain.

Compared to Slayer Rosellen, Overseer Levi is a lot harder than it is. You will be needing to have a friend accompanying you in order for you to finish it quickly. You can go solo, though. But it would be very challenging for you because of the number of mobs that will be fighting you.

Woodworker’s Gloves

Another piece can also be obtained inside the Ebonscale Reach in the Imperial Palace. The Woodworker’s Gloves are dropped from Borvarn.

This is another piece that requires you to join a friend or a party because of the enemy.

Woodworker’s Pants

It might look like ordinary pants, but the Woodworker’s Pants are obtained after defeating the boss enemy called Tzi-wang The Immovable. You can find this enemy in the Southeast Shattered Mountain.

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This enemy is also a difficult one to beat because of the great number of mobs after mobs. Having said that, it is highly recommended for you to have a big group in facing this.

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