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Palworld: Best Farming Spots for Resources | Coal, Quartz, Sulfur, Ore

Break past the resource bottlenecks!




The early game in Palworld is simple enough, but later on, you’re going to need to know the farming spots for certain resources like Coal, Quartz, Sulfur, and Ore.

These four resources are some of the hardest ones to get your hands on but are also some of the most important ones. Ore, for example, is basically needed for every single crafting recipe after a certain point!

So, to help alleviate the harshness of resource farming, we’ll tell you all about the best farming spots for these rare resources.

Best Farming Spots for Resources | Coal, Quartz, Sulfur, Ore

Palworld: Best Farming Spots for Resources | Coal, Quartz, Sulfur, Ore

Before we dive into the spots, we should let you know that you can automate the process of farming most of these materials.

We cover the details in our guide for an automated Ore-farming base. That said, the same logic applies to every single type of resource!

Simply build your Palbox close to the resources you want to farm and set down Pals with the right Work Suitability stats and you’re golden.

For all of these resources, you will need Pals with a Mining suitability of at least 2. Besides those, also make sure to add some Transportation Pals that will carry the mined resources to your chests.

Automated base example

Add some Berry Plantations and Pals with the Watering and Planting, as well. They will help keep the Pals fed without you having to micromanage, although Berries aren’t the best food for efficiency.

Of course, you only get to build a maximum of 3 bases total when you fully upgrade your Palbox, so you’re somewhat limited. Nonetheless, setting up these specialized farming bases will be a huge help!

If you want even more detail on how to set one up, just read the guide linked earlier in this section.

Another automated base

As a final note, all resource nodes respawn after some in-game time passes. They seem to respawn every day, for the most part, though sometimes they take a little longer.

Now, without further ado, let’s go over the best farming spots for all of the important resources in Palworld.



Mining Ore to make Ingots is the very first real resource bottleneck you will face in Palworld. It’s no wonder it’s such a coveted resource.

Early game Ore nodes

In the early game, you will want to rely on the Ore nodes marked on the image above, which you should farm whenever you get the chance. Start hoarding Ore as soon as you can!

Once you get the ability to make a second base, you will want to set up an automated Ore farming base at an Ore hotspot.

Ore hotspots

The map above, courtesy of Boomstick Gaming on YouTube, shows 4 easy-to-reach hotspots.

It’s a very easy resource to farm with an automated base, thankfully, because you will need thousands of it as you progress through the game. The need for Ingots is very real in Palworld!


Coal is required for Refined Ingots

Coal’s importance is second only to Ore, in the grand scheme of things. It’s a necessary material for the second tier of Ingots, the Refined Ingots.

As such, you will want to start farming this one ASAP, just like with Ore. We recommend that you dedicate your third base to this resource!

Coal hotspot

An easy hotspot for a Coal-farming base is the one marked on the map above. It’s at the top of a cliff and easy to defend, and it has about 5 Coal nodes that respawn daily.

Alternatively, you can also find Coal nodes commonly inside dungeons. In fact, it’s most likely the easiest way to get it in the very early stages of the game, just like with Sulfur.

That said, dungeon diving won’t be necessary for Coal once you get the automated farming base going.



Quartz is a top-tier endgame resource required for some of the best items in the game. Fittingly, the only good farming spot for it is in an endgame area!

Quartz hotspot

There’s a cluster of Quartz nodes in the northern part of the snowy region. It’s northeast of the Free Pal Alliance Tower and southwest of the Sand Dunes region.

Quartz doesn’t seem to appear much, if at all, in most regions. It seems to be completely absent from most dungeons, as well.

As such, the spot above is by far your best bet when it comes to farming this rare resource!



Sulfur is one of the most annoying resources to farm in Palworld, as there are no big clusters of Sulfur nodes out in the open.

This makes it a lot harder to farm reliably when compared to the others on this list.

That said, you can find it with ease inside any dungeon in the game. Even low-level dungeons are guaranteed to have a couple of Sulfur nodes for you to mine, just like Coal.

On top of that, completing dungeons will give you the chance to capture Alpha Pals and obtain the extremely rare Ancient Technology Parts.

Dungeons might be the best way to reliably get Sulfur for most of the game!

Sulfur in the desert near Anubis

Later on, though, you can find Sulfur nodes in the desert region on the western part of the map, around where the Alpha Pal Anubis is located.

There are only a couple of them, and they’re too far apart for you to set up a farming base. You also have to be careful not to anger the mighty Anubis in the area!

Once you reach the endgame, you can move on to the firey region out in the western end of the map.

Lava region has a lot of Sulfur

Sulfur nodes are extremely common in that area, but you will need to be around Level 50 to stand a chance against the enemies in the region.

So, ultimately, we would say that dungeons are your best bet for farming Sulfur.

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