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Terraria: How to Obtain Fertilizer and the Staff of Regrowth’s Upgrade 1.4.4

In the Terraria Labor of Love Update, the Staff of Regrowth just got better.




Builders are really going to love the latest upgrade for the Staff of Regrowth in Terraria 1.4.4. The staff allows you to create grass on soil blocks and is used mainly for harvesting resources.

When you upgrade it to the next level and combine that with one of the latest items you can craft, that combination is going to be a must-have item set especially for Terrarians who love to build.

In this guide, we will show you what to combine with your staff of Regrowth to create the Axe of Regrowth and how to create Fertilizer which is one of the new items in Terraria 1.4.4.

How to Obtain Fertilizer and the Staff of Regrowth Upgrade in Terraria 1.4.4

Upgrade your staff to the Axe of Regrowth. Do this by crafting it on the workbench. You will need x1 staff of Regrowth, x1 copper axe, x12 jungle spores and x3 vines.

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The Axe of Regrowth allows you to plant seeds as soon as you chop up trees provided you have the seeds in your inventory. This is very useful for Terrarians who are leaning towards the creative part of the game with building wooden structures in the world.

Crafting Fertilizer

The Fertilizer is one of the latest installments in the update. Using these on tree saplings will instantly transform them into fully grown trees.

Combine Ingredients For the Fertilizer

To create the Fertilizer you will need to combine x3 bones, x3 Ash and x3 poo. You can get poo when you eat any food in the game and sit on the toilet for a few seconds. The amount of poo you get depends on the type of food you eat.

Chop away on those trees while having enough acorns to plant seedlings and use your Fertilizer on the tree saplings to instantly regrow them. Doing this will make harvesting wood a lot easier and make your world a greener place to explore.

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