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SnowRunner: All Phase 8 Vehicle Locations and How to Get Them

Obtain some of the new vehicles of season 8




The Grand Harvest, also known as Season 8 of SnowRunner, has just launched. You must pay for this expansion to play it. You may operate potent vehicles in harsh and open locations in this adventure simulation game.

We’ll show you where to find some of the vehicles in the Grand Harvest expansion of the game.

All Phase 8 Vehicle Locations and How to Get Them in SnowRunner

Grand Harvest is another name for the most recent SnowRunner expansion, which has farming as its main feature. The rural setting of the expansion presents you with the challenge of renovating the town and its airfield.

You must recreate the area’s natural surroundings. The expansion includes three new cars.

Obtaining the Vehicles in the Grand Harvest Expansion

Find your status in exploration by looking at your profile. The watchtower, upgrades, and all the discovered vehicles will be displayed to you.

All the cars available for driving in the Grand Harvest expansion are listed below. The first thing is the vehicles that you can get for free.

Tayga 6436

The Tayga 6436, the first vehicle, is located in the bottom left corner of the Crossroads Map.

TUZ 166

The second vehicle, the TUZ 166, is located north of the first vehicle.

Chevrolet CK1500

Northwest of where the second car is located is where the third vehicle is. Chevrolet CK1500 is the third car.

DON 71

The DON 71, the final vehicle, is situated at the top of the map. Nearly a trailer that has been turned over.

You acquire the following vehicles after completing a mission or a contract.

Kirovets K700

The first map, Crossroads, contains a Kirovets K700 that you can acquire. Select HARVESTCORP from your contracts by going there.

To get it, complete The Beast Rising contract. You must drag the broken Kirovets K700 back to your garage from the scrapyard.

Step 39331 “Pike”

The Step 39331 “Pike” is located on the Institute map beside a bridge. Visit the spot shown in the above photograph. The car must be fixed and refueled before you can finish the mission and get it. 521 repair points and 201 gasoline are required to repair it.

Kirovets K7M

The Kirovets K7M cannot yet be acquired, according to information. But there are speculations on how to obtain it. On the Heartlands map, you might still be able to find it northwest of your garage. You must complete a task referred to as “The Common Cause” to get the automobile.

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