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No Man’s Sky Outlaws: How to Get a Squad

The latest update in No Man’s Sky now allows you to recruit your squad of pilots.




One of the new updates on No Man’s Sky Outlaws is squads. Players are given the ability to have their own squad by recruiting pilots. In this guide, we will guide you through recruiting them.

How to Get a Squad in No Man’s Sky Outlaws

A lot of new exciting features were added in the new Outlaws Update, one of which is the new squad system where you are allowed to ask pilots to join you in your journey. You can take them to missions or combat whenever you need help.

Recruiting Pilots

In your Freighter, go to your bridge and head to the Fleet Management console. Select Manage Squadron and Install New Bay. The first slot will cost 800 Nanites, the second 3,500 Nanites, 7,500 Nanites for the third, and 10,000 Nanites for the last one.

To recruit a pilot, talk to any NPC pilot in the open universe and press “Recruit lifeform into Squadron”. You can now make a deadly squad that will join your journey.

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How To

BONELAB: How to Unlock the AK-47

Get your hands on the AK-47 in BONELAB and shoot your shot at being the best player.





In every shooting game, choosing the best gun that suits you and your playstyle is the most important thing to consider. However, the gun’s power is a different story.

BONELAB is an experimental physics action game that you can enjoy in VR. Playing this involves a lot of platforming and shooting parts. Today, players have been thrilled to have the new AK-47 gun. It is a powerful gun that you can find inside the game.

Since it is a powerful gun, finding it can be difficult. But you don’t have to worry because you landed on the perfect guide for you.

This guide is made to help you find where and how you can have your AK-47 gun in BONELAB.

How to Unlock the AK-47 in BONELAB

The first thing you have to do to unlock the AK-47 is to head over to the main screen. You can find this at the center of the laboratory. Hover to the Experimental Menu, and select the Pillar Climb.

Once you have already selected the Pillar Climb, you will be entering through an elevator. The goal here is for you to reach the top platform. Make use of all the platform levels and obstacles.

When you are already at the top platform, move to the back side of it and look down. You should see a big rock underneath that is attached to the wall. Make your way there by carefully jumping over there.

On the corner, you will see a sage-colored capsule. That is the AK-47 capsule. Take it and you will be able to unlock the weapon.

Now that you have already unlocked the AK-47, you can get it yourself. Open the Utilities tab, then Gun. There, you can see the AKM option.

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