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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Unlimited Nanites and Storage Augmentations

Farming Nanites and Storage Augmentations are one of the main goals you’ll want to aim for in No Man’s Sky.




Nanites, or Nanite Clusters, are one of the most crucial resources in No Man’s Sky. Basically, they let you buy blueprints from Blueprint Traders, granting you access to some really cool stuff, as well as Upgrade Modules from Technology Merchants.

On the other hand, Storage Augmentations will increase the inventory of your Starship by one slot, making it yet another essential component you want to look for. If you’re struggling look for these two, then this is the guide for you.

How to Get Unlimited Nanites and Storage Augmentations in No Man’s Sky

Basically, this method involves looking for S-Class starships and scrapping them then selling the Upgrade Modules for Nanites. Depending on the rarity of the Upgrade Modules, you’ll be making anywhere between 200 and 3,000 Nanites per ship.

To make the most out of it, you’ll want to head to a specific system that has a Space Station containing an S-Class orange squid Starship. For this, head over to a portal and enter the following glyphs:

Bird, sunrise, tepee, sunrise, sunrise, dinosaur, rocket, moon, sunrise, ship, spider, dragonfly

Do keep in mind that you can find this coordinate within the starter galaxy, Euclid. Before you head into the area, however, make sure you turn off multiplayer first so that other players won’t be able to steal the ship from you.

After arriving on the planet, head over to the Space Station, and exit your Starship in order to create an autosave. Reload your autosave to get the first wave of starships.

This is important as the S-Class ship will only spawn on the first wave. After reloading, wait for any incoming ships, and you should be able to see the orange squid Starship.

From there, you just need to purchase the ship from its pilot. Once you’ve done that, head over upstairs and find the Starship Outfitting machine. Interact with it and choose the Claim Scrap option. This will also tell you how much your recently purchased starship is worth.

After successfully scrapping the ship, you’ll then receive a handful of stuff. Simply go to your inventory and you’ll then see S-Class Upgrade Modules which you can then sell for Nanites. Not only that, but you’ll also get three Storage Augmentations.

After selling the Upgrade Modules for Nanites, you’ll want to ride your ship and then get out of it afterward to create another autosave. Simply reload your autosave again, and wait for the first wave of ships to arrive.

At this point, it’s basically rinse and repeat until you’ve had all of the Nanites and Storage Augmentations you need.

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