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World of Warcraft: Kalecgos Boss Guide | Sunwell Plateau

Kalecgos is the first boss you’ll encounter in the Sunwell Plateau guide. Since the fight is highly technical, it involves a lot of proper planning and strategy to take it down.




Despite being the first boss you’ll have to fight in the Sunwell Plateau, Kalecgos is a pretty tough opponent that will require heavy micromanagement of various roles like healing, tanking, and DPS mostly in part due to the split realm mechanic of the fight.

If you’re one of those who are struggling against this boss, then this guide is for you.

Kalecgos Boss Guide in World of Warcraft

What makes this fight particularly tough is the fact that it includes two fights between two separate realms. There’s the fight against Kalecgos in the Dragon Realm and another fight against Sathrovarr the Corruptor in the Spectral Realm.

The goal of the raid is to equally damage both enemies and to make sure that humanoid Kalecgos will survive within the Spectral Realm.

Before you start the fight, you should first plan a proper Portal Rotation. This means that you should make sure there are Healers, Decursers, and DPS going through the portals.

As for the Tanks, they will have their specific rotation owing to the fact that portals will spawn every 15-25 seconds but won’t necessarily kick players outside the Spectral Realm until 60 seconds have passed.

As such, if Tank B takes the first portal, then Tank C doesn’t need to take the second portal since Tank B is inside the spectral realm already.

You must make sure that both Sathrovarr and Kalecgos receive the same amount of damage. This is because if one of them goes down to 10% health, then they will both enter the Enraged state.

As soon as one of them reaches 1% health, they will stop all action. If it’s Kalecgos who goes down to 1% health first, he will no longer spawn Portals.

What this means is that players who are inside the spectral realm will be the only ones to lower Sathrovarr’s health to 1%. Players outside will no longer be able to assist them. It’s for this reason that you’d want to make sure that Sathrovarr gets to 1% health first.

As soon as both of them reach 1% health, the fight ends.

Additional Tips to Consider

  • You can taunt Sathrovarr but Kalecgos can’t.
  • Kalecgos has a Tail Lash ability which deals massive damage if you’re standing directly behind it.
  • If you’ve come back to the Dragon Realm from the Spectral Realm, you’ll have to wait 60 seconds before you can go in again.
  • If you’re a healer, make sure to spam your major heals on the tank as both bosses can deal pretty heavy damage.
  • If you’re a tank, make sure to let your healers know when fighting Sathrovarr as he can hit pretty hard. Also, only tank when necessary, ideally when your DPS starts pulling aggro.
  • If you’re a DPS, it’s best to stop attacking Sathrovarr shortly after getting to the Spectral Realm. Instead, let your tank take the aggro first.

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