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Hogwarts Legacy: All The Magical Creatures and Fantastic Beasts In the Game

Hogwarts Legacy is set to feature a handful of fantastic beasts in the game, and so far, quite a lot of them were already confirmed.




Fans of the Wizarding World will surely be excited with the variety of Fantastic Beasts they’re going to see and meet in the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game. This is because after a few years of speculation and anticipation, developer Avalanche Software has finally confirmed several different creatures that players will soon encounter in the game.

With the release of March 17 State of Play, we have been given a glimpse of which fantastic beasts we can expect to see once we start playing the game. Let’s have a look at all of them.

All the Magical Creatures and Fantastic Beasts in the Game Hogwarts Legacy

There were a handful of confirmed magical creatures in the game, and we can expect to see more of them once the game releases this year. That said, here are the ones that we’ve seen so far:

Hebridean Black Dragon

The Hogwarts Legacy game just wouldn’t be a fantasy open-world without dragons, and from the trailer we’ve seen so far, we can confidently tell that these black dragons are the ones that hail from Hebrides of northern Scotland.

Suffice to say, these dragons are quite territorial, so it’s not surprising why they choose to roam around those spots as it offers them a lot of space.

However, since the school is actually based in that area, it’s for this reason that we see it roaming close to the school in the trailer.

Mountain Trolls

Next are the mountain trolls which are some of the most aggressive and dangerous creatures you can encounter in the game.

These massive beasts possess massive strength alongside blunt weapons that can easily overwhelm you if you happen to encounter one.

Apart from the mountain trolls, we might also be getting the other varieties: forest and river trolls. However, only the mountain trolls have been confirmed so far, but that’s something we can expect to be added to the game someday.


Hippogriffs are basically griffins, but instead of a lion’s body as its other half, it has that of a horse’s. Of course, the other half is that of an eagle. If you’ve seen the Harry Potter series, then you’re already familiar with this magical creature as it’s been shown in the films quite a lot of times.

According to game director Alan Tew, we’ll be able to ride a hippogriff to fly up in the sky, similar to how Potter himself has done so. However, there’s no information yet regarding how we’ll be able to tame them in the first place.


Mooncalves are one of the cutest creatures that the Wizarding World has to offer, and it’s been confirmed that they will appear in the game as well! According to the game devs, poachers have been actively hunting certain magical creatures for their loots, Mooncalves included.

As such, you’ll be tasked with rescuing such creatures by capturing them inside an enchanted suitcase to release them into the menagerie later. However, since these Mooncalves only appear during a full moon, actually coming across one can be rather rare.

Since Avalanche has confirmed that there will be seasonal changes in the game, that means you’ll have to wait for a full moon to appear before you can spot one.


Graphorns aren’t a friendly bunch, and it just so happens that we’ll be encountering a lot of them as we venture out into the open world of Hogwarts.

If you’ve seen the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie or read the book, then you’ll know that Graphorns have been hunted to extinction, and the one in the movie is the only remaining Graphorn out there.

Since the game takes place decades before the events of the movie and book, you can see them in abundance, though knowing the fact that they’re headed to extinction is rather sad.


Thestrals are winged horses that feature a skeletal body, and they have been featured in the films. They’re one of the magical creatures that have been confirmed in the game’s trailer. The interesting thing about them is that they can only be seen if you’ve seen someone die.

Hence, since the main character in the game can see them, it basically implies that he has already seen someone die.

One notable feature of Thestrals is their keen sense of direction, even to the point that they can understand your destination even though they themselves haven’t been there before. This makes them really good for travel, and it might imply that we’ll be using them for auto travel in the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Pets

There’s no shortage of cute creatures in the Wizarding World, and it just so happens that quite a handful of them was revealed during the game’s trailer. These include the Nifflers, Fwoopers, Kneazles, Owls, Cats, and even the Phoenix.

Since pets are integral to the Wizarding World, it’s safe to assume that a pet system will be in place once the game releases. Of course, with the presence of the menagerie, that means we can possibly collect creatures that we can keep as pets inside.

Goblins and House Elves

Now, you might not consider them fantastic beasts, but these magical creatures will actually play a major role in the game. These creatures are quite intelligent despite their looks, not to mention they’re experts in finances, to the point that they control a large portion of the Wizarding World’s economy.

In the game, the goblins are shown to be waging another rebellion against Hogwarts, and since they also use magic but without the use of wands, they’re going to be one of the major hurdles we’ll have to face.

Centaurs and Acromantulas

Centaurs are among the most prominent creatures shown in the gameplay reveal trailer, and from what it seems, it looks like they’ll be giving you some quests or might be involved in a side quest of some sort. While they’ve been classified as “beasts”, albeit of their own accord, they shouldn’t be treated as such since they are as intelligent as humans.

They are thriving in the Forbidden Forest, and if we are to follow that origin, then it means they’ll be hailing from that area as well in the game.

Apart from the centaurs, there are also the acromantulas which are basically giant magical spiders. These beasts were believed to be bred by wizards to protect treasure chests which can actually have a relevant mechanic in the game.

As of now, these are the only creatures confirmed so far in the game. We can expect more of them to come in the upcoming months as the target release date draws ever nearer.

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The leaks were illegally taken from the studio’s network, leading to the conclusion that the GTA 6 hacker is not a lot but a small group working together to post the leaked data. Rockstar confirms that these leaks are legitimate, and the GTA publisher Take-Two is working on taking down confidential information about the game by using copyright rules on mainstream platforms.

The game set’s location appears to be in Vice City; thanks to groups of dedicated fans, a map was made using various tools, which is not entirely new. When GTA 5 was still under development and trailers, screenshots, and teasers were being released; GTA had a fan base that could create a map for Grand Theft Auto 5 before the game was released; the map was an almost perfect match to the official map in GTA 5. Not to mention these players also became the people who made GTA 5 modded accounts.

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Smartphone System

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Travel System

There are a few notable things about how players would be able to move around the map. Footage shows Jason swimming more profoundly in the water; unlike in previous games, the deepness of how far a player can swim has always been limited. For vehicles, test footage of vehicle damage where Jason shoots the floor of the boat and a fan boat on land. The subway system returns since GTA 4; we see Jason going in and out of a train car.

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Shooting from vehicles has been limited to small weapons; we have seen drive-bys from the test footage, allowing players to use bigger weapons. This would be great since bigger weapons would deal more damage. Switching hands while shooting is another excellent addition to combat; there are plenty of scenarios to get the proper angle on an enemy by switching the hand you are shooting from.

Vice City

The Miami-inspired city has dramatically changed since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There are the usual elements to be found, like neon lights in nightclubs and beachfront, but Rockstar has made an effort to make the map modernized by ensuring the look and feel are authentic to the real-life locations of Florida. The level of detail from these tests is fantastic as it can be; driving real-life inspiration for locations provides an immersive experience for players.

Gas stations, bars, tennis courts, motels, the environment, and the subway system is diverse, possible even better than GTA 5s’ map. Lucia has been seen to use a gumball machine inside convenience stores, which could mean there would be more things to interact with in Vice City.

There may be more surprises in store from GTA 6, and these are just the little details that have been leaked. Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released by late 2024 or early 2025.

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