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No Man’s Sky Outlaws: How to Find Pirate Dens | Abandoned Outlaw Station Locations

No Man’s Sky’s Outlaws update features pirate dens you can find inside abandoned outlaw stations. However, looking for them can be complicated if you don’t know how.




Abandoned outlaw stations are just a few of the newly added features in the Outlaws udpate. Basically, these pirate dens contain a handful of outlaws and features that you can’t normally find in a normal station. Also, the fact that they have a unique aesthetic just adds more life and variety to the game.

Let’s find out how you can find these locations.

How to Find Pirate Dens or Abandoned Outlaw Stations in No Man’s Sky: Outlaws

These pirate dens are really easy to find, though it won’t be super obvious, especially if you just went back to playing No Man’s Sky.

You can actually get some information about where to find them via the Guide menu. You just have to go to Guide, then click on Combat, and pick the Outlaw Systems option. Basically, what you’ll need is to head to an Outlaw system which can be indicated by a “Pirate Controlled” text under a system’s Conflict status.

To see this, you’ll have to install a Conflict Scanner on your ship. Once you have it on, simply open your Galaxy Map and start looking for systems with a “Pirate Controlled” text. From there, it’s as simple as traveling to that system and looking for the space station, which is called an Outlaw Station in this case.

Once inside, you’ll be able to see that the layout is entirely different from the normal stations. There will also be the pirate dens inside containing outlaws whom you can interact with.

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