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NBA 2K23: How to Play Early | Xbox and Playstation

Play the game ahead of everyone!




NBA 2K23 official release date is on September 9, and players are already finding a way to access it as early as possible. They cannot wait to play the game and they are already making plans on what players to add to their team.

With that said, we are going to show you how you can play NBA 2K23 earlier on Xbox and Playstation.

How to Play Early, Xbox and Playstation in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is going to be playable on September 9, but there is a trick so that you can play the game 1 day earlier than the official release. You just need to change your time and region to New Zealand since their time zone is ahead. Read on to know more!

Playing Before the Release Date

To change the time zone and region you need to go to the settings of your console.


Changing your region and time zone to New Zealand is easier for the Xbox. Select Settings and go to System, then Time. Change your Time Zone to UTC +12 Auckland, Wellington. Go back to System and select Language & Location; change your Location to New Zealand. Restart your Xbox.


It is quite tricky in Playstation because you cannot change your region and time zone in your Playstation account. You need to create a new account to do this. The only drawback in making a new account is that the limited packs you may purchase are not transferable to your main account.

To create a new account, select New User and confirm you agree to the terms and conditions. Set up a new email and add your day of birth. Select New Zealand as your Country or Region. Input your password and other required information. You can just put random names.

Set the city and state or region to Auckland and the Postal Code to 0600. Verify the account, but skip the other verifications like the New Zealand number.

Purchase the standard edition and head to settings. Select Users and Accounts and enable Console Sharing and Offline Play so that you can play in your main account.

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