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Enshrouded: How to Set up a Server With G-Portal

It’s definitely a party now!




The newly released Enshrouded has had an extremely successful launch, with thousands of players trying out the survival action RPG. One of the main selling points of the game has been its co-op play, which allows up to 16 players to play together.

Enshrouded allows players to set up and host their own servers. The game’s official partner helping them host servers is G-Portal.

We will be looking at a thorough guide on helping you set up and host your own server, so you can enjoy the game alongside other people on your own server.

How to Set up a Server With G-Portal

Setting up your server through G-Portal is fairly straightforward, but you still have to set your server according to how you like. We will be going through each step, starting from renting the server to getting it active.

Renting the Server

Renting a Server

Once you select Enshrouded from G-Portal’s site, you will be able to see the screen above. You can select how long you want to rent the server for, the amount of slots you need, and the location of your server.

For the amount of days you want to rent the server, you can choose between 3, 30, 90, 180, and 365 days. Enshrouded is limited to 16 slots, so that’s the maximum amount of slots you can purchase.



Once you’ve purchased a server, it will show up in your dashboard. Your dashboard will show you all the servers you currently have.


Server Settings

Enshrouded is still very new, so in terms of settings, there isn’t much to change or edit. For now, you can only choose the server name and password. Other than that you can also pick the amount of players allowed. The maximum is 16 and the minimum is 4

Restart Schedules

Restart schedules

Restarting your server in a timely manner ensures that the server stays clean and not get cluttered too much. G-Portal allows you to automatically restart the server depending on when you want to do it.

The portal allows you to select the frequency of the restarts and the time of day the server will restart. For the time of day, make sure it is a time when the server won’t be too active.


Backup Setup

For backups, you can either choose automatic backups or make your own manual backups. We recommend you keep an automatic backup on, as it ensures your data gets saved frequently.

The manual backups aren’t necessary, but for the people who want it, the option is available.


Enabling Permissions

The last thing you need to take care of before starting up your server is the permissions. This tab allows you to see who is allowed on your server, and add more people accordingly.

Once everything fits your requirements, you can start up the server and play the game alongside your friends or other people you meet online.

Enshrouded’s Multiplayer

The game has co-op multiplayer where you can play alongside your friends in the same world. Enshrouded lets players do various things in the world together, and unlike many other games that have co-op modes, Enshrouded was created with a co-op mode being an essential part of the game.

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