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Taxi Life: How to Use Air Conditioner

This virtual heat is brutal, man…




You’ll need to use the air conditioner if you want to keep your passengers happy in Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator.

Nobody wants to be locked up inside a taxi while it’s hot out, so turning on the A/C will greatly enhance comfort for passengers and even yourself! Well, your virtual self, at least…

In this short guide, we’ll help you fend off the heat and keep your simulated taxi cool and fresh.

How to Use the Air Conditioner in Taxi Life

Taxi Life: How to Use Air Conditioner

The first way to use the air conditioner in this game is to simply use the first-person view to look inside your car’s cabin.

Air Conditioner buttons near the radio controls

You can find the controls for the A/C by the radio, as marked in the image above. They really blend in with the radio’s controls, the sneaky little buggers… no wonder people miss them!

The first button on the left side of the controls turns the air conditioner on and off. Then you can use the two buttons to the right to either turn it up or down.

Using the Radial Menu 1

Alternatively, you can use the Radial Menu to configure the air conditioner instead. To bring it up, just press the Up key on your keyboard or Down on your controller’s D-pad.

In the Radial Menu, swap tabs until you reach the AC tab. It’s the one with the little fan icon.

Now you can just select from the 4 different options here. You can either turn the air conditioner on or off. You can also set it to Hot mode, Normal mode, or Cool mode.

Using the Radial Menu 2

The mode you have active at the moment will be highlighted in orange, in case you forget what you set it to!

Ultimately, it’s as easy to use the air conditioner in Taxi Life as it is in a real-life car, thankfully. Now you can keep your virtual passengers and virtual self cool as you drive around in this taxi simulator!

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