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Taptap Heroes – Best Heroes Tier List 2023

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taptap heroes best heroes tier list 2023

Video games have come to a point where they too can be convenient for the player, as how things should be! With Taptap heroes you don’t even have to think twice about being away from your phone for more than two minutes as your heroes will still fight for you while you’re offline! Now the only thing you need to worry about next is which heroes should you have ready while you’re away as there’s at least 500 to choose from! That’s where we step in! We’ll show you the heroes that are worth investing in with this tier list.

Best Heroes Tier List 2023 |Taptap Heroes

Now if you’re already happy with the heroes that you have and it just so happens we placed it in a tier you’re not happy with, don’t go switching them around all of a sudden! Keep doing your own thing and play how you see fit!

S – Tier

  • Skuld – Almost any support role that can heal its teammates deserves a spot in S-Tier!
  • Phoenix – Another support role but with extra damage on the side. Phoenix provides your team with buffs and is a force to be reckoned with out in the field!
  • Freya – Can deal a lot of damage on her own as a mage, imagine what she can do with a team!
  • Sattario – If you’re looking for someone to bring in a PvE session then consider Sattario as this hero can deal a ton of damage for you and your team.
  • Lorely – If you set up your team correctly then she can do a considerable amount of damage as a mage.

A – Tier

  • Saizou – One of the best heroes to use when going up against bosses.
  • Medusa – Another damage dealer and also has bleed along with poison, she can be quite tricky to play at times given how weak her defenses are.
  • Xexanoth – Goes great with Shudde, use them together to massive amounts of damage to your foes!
  • Shudde M’ell – Works hand in hand pretty well with Xexanoth especially when dealing burst damage.
  • Rascal – Provides good crowd control support with sleep along with decent damage output.

B – Tier

  • Verthandi – Works well as a tank but can be overshadowed easily by other tiers.

  • Ymir – Another option if you’re looking for a good PvP hero when it comes to speed.
  • Mulan – Quite slippery this one, she can dodge easily and apply bleed at the same time.
  • Lindberg – Asks for a lot in terms of investment but has a high kill chance if it connects.
  • Chessia – Deals a good amount of damage at the expense of having to keep her alive which can be quite taxing at times.

C – Tier

  • Ripper – Again has decent dodge for a damage dealer but can only be relied on during the earlier parts of the game
  • Lightning – Good damage and support for the team but the numbers could be higher, keep him in the team until you find someone better in the late game.
  • Malorne – Keeps heroes alive with buffs but really doesn’t do anything else at the moment with his current abilities.
  • Watchman – Good for high-end teams but lacks a lot of HP to make up for it.
  • Baal – Can go solo against a full team with no problems with little maintenance, other heroes are putting him further down into the list however.
taptap heroes best heroes tier list 2023 2

That concludes our Heroes Tier List! Go on and give the other heroes a try if yours didn’t make it to this list, good luck out there!

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