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Tactics Ogre Reborn: How To Use Archers & Ranged Units Effectively Mid Game

Who’s weak, again?

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tactics ogre reborn how to use archers ranged units effectively mid game

Crown jewel of the tactical role-playing genre, Tactics Ogre: Reborn was released by Square Enix on November 11, 2022. As an updated version of the 2010 release, some players will be familiar, while others will come in blind. Whatever your case, the game is complex and might baffle you in some aspect or another. Considering that, this guide is here to help you better understand and utilise the Archer unit!

How To Use Archers & Ranged Units Effectively Mid Game – Tactics Ogre Reborn

The Archers suffer from a lot of misconceptions, which can make them be underused or misused by players.

At their core, your Archers are the group that’s there in the right place, at the right time, to deal the right amount of pressure. You can’t deploy them expecting they’ll clear the battlefield for you or constantly deal lots of damage.

tactics ogre reborn how to use archers ranged units effectively mid game2
Source: Coffee Potato from YouTube

Keeping that in mind, if you decide to set up an all-ranged unit team, you cannot send your Archers charging forward. That’ll send them to their deaths and defeat the whole strategic element of the game!

Instead, you’ll want to make the enemies come to you while fighting to keep them from reaching your squadron. You can mass fire at the strongest enemies, getting rid of them as soon as possible.

Choosing a matching loadout is essential for good strategies. The Eagle Eye skill (100% chance to hit) combined with the Bowgun, which has the secondary effect of stunning enemies, is an example of a powerful set.

A well-timed team of three Archers is enough to create a stunning strategy, so keep that in mind when organising your units!

Remember that bosses in this game are susceptible to stun and sometimes fear. Pretty useful, eh?

Also, keep in mind the map in which you’ll be playing since the terrain influences the performance of your unit.

If you have an elevation advantage, for instance, you can push enemies back by shooting at them with longbows. On the other hand, if you have an elevation disadvantage, it’s best to use crossbows.

tactics ogre reborn how to use archers ranged units effectively mid game3
Source: Coffee Potato from YouTube

Bear in mind that your objective is to continuously focus your attacks instead of trying to make single hits do a ton of damage (while possible, it takes more time, planning, and equipment other than the simple bows and crossbows that we’re studying in this guide).

Archers are excellent at wasting enemies’ turns, so seize this opportunity—and create more if you can! While killing enemies might not be possible at a given moment, slowing them down is your next best alternative.

Disabling enemies can be another valuable tool in your bag. You can do it by equipping the often-neglected skill Concentration along with the spell Shadowbind.

One of the enemy units you’ll want to eliminate or disable in some way is the healer, for obvious reasons. The enemy’s cleric deserves your attention as well.

On your side, counter units have varied usefulness, but they can act as a defence line against your main units in case of an incoming strong attack.

Speaking of strong attacks, pay attention to elemental bonuses since these can deal devastating damage to your units (e.g. ice is super effective against wind, so an ice-based enemy, if it strikes a wind-based unit, will land a powerful hit).

tactics ogre reborn how to use archers ranged units effectively mid game4
Source: Coffee Potato from YouTube

These are the basics for the efficient use of Archers and ranged units. If you’d like to know more, including a super-detailed demonstration of a battle with a full ranged team, please watch this video: Tactics Ogre Reborn: Guide on How to Use Archers and other Ranged Units Effectively in the Mid Game

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