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SpellForce: Conquest of Eo Worldmap – Fiara

Explore the world of wonders in SpellForce: Conquest of Eo

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In every video game we play, we also need to conduct reconnaissance or occasionally just explore as we always do, making landmarks or indicators to make sure we are not lost. In some cases, we can use the map as a form of advantage for strategies and tactics that you can use against your enemies, and today we’re going to show you the Worldmap – Fiara for Spellforce: Conquest of Eo.

Conquest of Eo Fiara  – World Map

You will begin the game somewhere near the Goldenfields, as shown in the image above.

And there are three cities that are very close by. To the east lies the City of Lyraine.

Additionally, you will find Sevenkeeps in the west. Since there are many awards there if you complete the quest to unlock all of the town’s characteristics, it would be beneficial to place one of your domains or lodges there.

Silver Drift Hollow, which is over the dwarves and where you can buy some adamantium and receive dwarf units, is higher up from the map. It’s fairly risky, so you might need to level up a little before you can get up there.

The town of Bastion

You can acquire some orc units in this town, which is the city of Orgas.

The city of Alluvyah is pretty close to the Sevenkeeps in the starting area, and you’ll probably run into it pretty quickly.

There is nothing here, there are no troops or supplies, thus you don’t need to worry much about Uram Gor because it has been abandoned.

If you started in Goldenfields, the next town is named Connach, and it is a very high level area.

You can find paladins here; they are tier 3 units, quite powerful, and you might enjoy them. Audale Town is located in Gillyshire, up in the northeast.

One of the dwarf villages, Grey Dusk Val, is located in the northern region of the map, not far from the Northwest.

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