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Skull and Bones: How to Get Epic Ship Armor Royal Custodian

Upgrade to royalty

Kaylee Nancarrow



Skull and Bones

In Skull and Bones players are always searching for powerful armor upgrades to increase their ship’s defenses and sail across the deadly seas. One such armor that’s desired by most is the Royal Custodian armor. But at what length do one have to go to get it?

There are several ways to get your hand on the Royal Custodian armor in Skull and Bones. Here’s how we did it.

How to Get Epic Royal Custodian Armor

The Royal Custodian armor has some impressive resistance stats such as resistance to flooding and explosive damage. That said, the armor can’t be crafted, however, there are two things you can do to get your hands on it.

Take Over the Helm

Taking the Helm

Unfortunately, you can’t just acquire the Royal Custodian armor by boarding an enemy ship, that would be too easy. Although, one way of doing this is by completing takeovers for the helm.

This entails engaging in battles to ultimately take control of the helm of ships and leads to the acquisition of the coveted armor.

Defeat French Fleet

Defeat French Fleet

Another way to acquire the armor is through participating in coop takeover events. These events allow players to secure sought-after gear without the challenges of engaging with other fleets.

In coop events, players must target a French fleet that spawns east of the Red Isles. These fleets are marked with a blue icon and offer a separate event during takeover opportunities. Defeating the French fleet results in the Royal Custodian armor drop, offering an alternative to taking over the Helm.

Defeat the fleet and claim the royalties that await!

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