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Skull and Bones: How to Unlock Black Market

A haven for goods you can find nowhere else!




It might come as no surprise, but you can unlock access to a Black Market in Skull and Bones. After all, you’re a pirate, shady dealings are par for the course, matey!

The Black Market has its own rare currency and also allows you to get a lot of exclusive and rare goods you can find nowhere else. Trying to unlock it early is definitely worth it.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you what it is you have to do to unlock the Black Market.

How to Unlock the Black Market

Skull and Bones: How to Unlock Black Market

The first step to unlocking the Black Market is to raise your Infamy Rank. You gain Infamy naturally as you complete Contracts and play the game. Your goal is to reach the rank of Brigand.

We highly recommend that you do the main story Contracts while gaining Infamy, as this will naturally lead you to complete “The Lion and The Rat”.

This Main Contract is another pre-requisite for the Black Market!

Meeting Yanita Nara

Once you are a full-fledged Brigand, you will be able to start the “A Covert Initiation” Main Contract by picking up a letter from your mailbox.

It becomes available as soon as you complete “The Lion and The Rat” and reach the rank of Brigand.

The “A Covert Initiation” Contract will introduce you to the Manager of Le Pont Muet, Yanita Nara. She will then introduce you to The Helm, provided you “donate” 2500 Silver to her.

Check out this guide if you want to learn more about how to farm silver in Skull & Bones.

Unlocking The Helm

After that, you just need to complete a couple more contracts for Yanita, culminating in the “A Tight Ship” Contract.

All of these Contracts are fairly simple, mainly requiring you to get certain resources for Yanita Nara. Basically, you’re showing her that you’re worthy of granting access to the shadiest services at The Helm!

Open the Black Market option

As soon as you complete “A Tight Ship”, return to Yanita Nara one last time and you’ll be able to choose to “Open the Black Market”.

You can now use it whenever you want to purchase rare items and cosmetics!

Do be warned, though, your Silver is no good here. The Black Market requires “Pieces of Eight”, which is a much rarer currency you can find on your travels.

But, well, at least now you know everything you need to know to unlock the Black Market!

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