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Skull and Bones: How to Farm Silver Fast

Never run out of silver!




The main currency of the game, Silver can be used to purchase a ton of things in Skull and Bones. There are plenty of different ways in which you can earn this silver, with some tasks being more effective than others.

This guide will look at the best and fastest way to farm Silver in Skull and Bones. Silver is useful at all stages of the game, so it is something you will always need to have.

How to Farm Silver Fast

The fastest way to farm Silver in Skull and Bones is by performing contracts. Contracts in this game require you to do some sort of task, and in return, you get a reward. A lot of smaller contracts that are not part of the main story pay you mainly in Silver.

job board with various contracts

You can access a lot of contracts through Job Boards available in Skull and Bones. Over here, you can check out what the contract requires you to do and what you will get on completion. Completing most of these contracts takes very little time, and the reward is quite high.

All contracts are not the same though, so some will take you longer than others. The game allows you to choose the contracts you want to accept, so go for contracts that you feel will take less time to complete.

the job board that you can find in sainte anne

Early on in the game, you can find a Job Board with contracts at Sainte Anne, the first Pirate den. The image above points to the Job Board you can find in Sainte Anne. You can access it by going up to it and interacting with it.

Throughout your journey in Skull and Bones, you will gain access to a lot more contracts. There are some very unique contracts in the game that lead you towards unique treasures and enemies.

Contracts are not exclusive to Job Boards. There are several NPCs in Skull and Bones that can offer you contracts.

Other Ways to Make Silver

Contracts are effective, but not the only way for you to make Silver. Another great way to make Silver in Skull and Bones is by selling Commodities.

You can get yourself tons of Commodities by simply playing the game and taking down other ships. Commodities are items that are dropped by these ships and can fetch you a good amount when sold.

menu for selling items at vendors

The Commodities that you collect can be sold to the various vendors in the game. Each commodity will have a different rarity, with differing prices. Rarer commodities will get you more Silver when sold.

When selling Commodities in Skull and Bones, each one will have a red or green arrow beside their price. Try selling the Commodities when there is a green arrow beside their price, as you will get more Silver this way.

Each vendor in Skull and Bones will offer a different price for the commodities you have. You can increase your Silver income by a lot by just selling the Commodities when they have the green arrow beside them.

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